Friday, June 18, 2010

Polly's Travels

Polly is getting ready for her trip next month to Nantucket. Her annual jaunt to that beautiful island in the Atlantic for her rug show at Nantucket Country. Each year she packs up her newest Americana rugs - most with a watery theme. Isn't this one grand?

The show is in a fabulous antique gallery - Nantucket Country, and if you find yourself on the island next month you can view them there. Nantucket Country is located at 38 Centre Street and the phone number is 508-228-8868. Polly will be there in person on July 23rd, 24th, and 25th.

Lots of travel plans are taking place for us and for you too probably. There are rumors of a visit to the Pacific coast next year for both Polly and I (more later, when things are finalized) and even an unbelievable trip to France. Oooh La La and Oui Oui!!! Things are far from being finalized there - so for right now it is just imaginary and fantastic all at once.

Where am I going you ask? Well, there is a family cook-out planned over the July 4th weekend and I am busy, busy here finishing up an epic applique quilt that will be published next year. Yeah, sorry about being vague on that one. No pictures until we are closer to publication time. What else? Well I did just schedule a Quilt Guild talk. Yep, in Michigan. In January. Not quite as refreshing as Nantucket in July, but still pretty great. Oh, I think I will rent some romantic French movies to watch while I applique my brains out here.



karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Curious to see what your west coast/French travel will inspire in your fabric designs? Wish I was better at waiting!

Sharon said...

Hopefully your west coast visit will include the NW! Sounds like lots of exciting things in your near future!

mascanlon said...

I love watching the movies or episode after episode of some of my favorite shows while doing hand work, especially binding! So whats your list?

Vicky said...

The Left Coast! I can't wait to find out where you'll be. Hope it's close by! ;)

Spice said...
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Spice said...

France is a great place. Great sights and some excellent food.

Love the rug!!

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it you might be coming to Florida in Jan/Feb/March? Central Florida that is. Is that true?

WoolenSails said...

Love that rug, so fun and whimsical.
We are heading to NH and Maine next week.
I have never been to Nantucket, for some reason. I should check out the ferry schedule and think about going over for the rug show.


Janet said...

OOOH!! Nantucket - can I come?
Seriously I am content with Nova Scotia - living here is like being on vacation all year! I've got a big applique quilt on the go too - designing a story quilt with altimore overtones as a wedding quilt - great fun as I have carte blanche with the fabric and design choices. See how coyly I wove some French words in there?
Can I come to France?
Can understand French well - will act as interpreter - pleae????
Have a great weekend - I ove Polly's bathing beauty rug.

Jeanne (RED) said...

LOVE the Beach Girl rug! You ladies are sure talented! Oh, and the places you can go......sounds amazing. Sure wish I was near Nantucket! Maybe can catch up with you somewhere. France sounds so ou-la-la, hope it all works out!
Love you guys,
Jeanne (RED) Langston

Barb in Mi said...

Where in MI are you going in January? Metro Detroit/ Oakland? Got to check my guilds schedule. Happy stitching!

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