Monday, May 24, 2010

My Apologies!

Mea Culpa. I owe a lot of apologies. There is no excuse, but I was over caffienated, under hydrated, over worked and something else too, I forget. First of all, Sandy Gervais - I am so sorry. Your beautiful new line is not Frolic (a current fave), but Lollipop. Oy!
Second of all.... I did not get a picture of Leigh Ann, but I did get pictures of her ongoing project in the hotel room.It is another La Playa quilt (for Leigh Ann's own "over achiever enjoyment" and also for another La Playa to tour with trunk shows) Thanks Leigh Ann. Seriously, she went back to the hotel room and between 9 and midnight each night she worked. It is almost done.

Apologies are due to other fellow Moda designers who belatedly get their booths or quilts posted here today. Here, in no particular order is Laundry Basket Quilts lovely new pieced and appliqued beauty.
This is Jan Patek's new quilt. Wow, Jan - it is my new favorite.
This over exposed picture of Kansas Troubles' Booth does not do it, nor Lynn justice. Sorry Lynn.
As for the rest of my colleagues - Uhhh, that's is all I have. If I missed you - please accept my apologies. :)



Sandra Henderson said...

I have been seeing a lot of red winged blackbirds here lately, so I spotted them right away in this quilt! lovely. All of them!

I have a great idea! I think you should hire ME as an assistant for these things!!!! tee heee :)
Everyone understands, it's amazing all that ya'll DO!

I can't believe how much she got done from 9-12~!~~~!!!!! WOW! Oh, and that's my favorite rotary cutter, love it!

Anonymous said...

Poor Leigh-Ann!! Where are the pics of your lovely booth??? Most years we see lots of them ... stars, stripes; red,white,and blue .... I really hope you have some photos to share!!!

Looks like a great time!

WoolenSails said...

I have been hitting the blogs with market photos, so have gotten to see a lot of the moda booths. So many beautiful patterns and fabrics this year, want them all.


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