Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lost in The North Woods

We are having fun in spite of ourselves. Less than one day here and Polly has lost her phone (later found) and I have lost my purse. The hotel staff has found it and returned it. Leigh Ann certainly has her hands full keeping us safe from ourselves. We are now back in the room after a day of booth construction and a visit to the infamous Sample Spree. Only a very few pictures have survived. Somehow most of my pictures were lost too. A whole lot of other bloggers are here taking pictures - so you will not lose out. Make sure to visit the link at the left to other Market bloggers. So, here is what we have......

Polly found lots of lovely wool at Sample Spree. This is from Wooden Spool Designs.

Here is the Moda table at Sample spree.

And last, but not least, the Moda booth at Market being put together.

Light a candle for us, that we won't lose anything else. More tomorrow!


WoolenSails said...

I wish I could be at the spree, looks like fun.
I have a knapsack purse, that way I can put it on and browse all I want and never lose it;)


Vicky said...

Have a grand time! Can't wait to see all the pix of everything!

Sandra Henderson said...

Stitch the straps down of your purse, camera, phones,,,, :)
Oh goodnes~ So glad they were found. Sounds like it's a feast for the eyes! :) ENJOY! XO

irishgirlsews said...

I'm glad that everything lost has been found! Try a cross over style shoulder bag, it gives you both hands free,& not tempted to put it down. My friend is at market & I made sure she visits your booth!!

Anonymous said...

O.K. not a good first day.....must be a sign that more chocolate is needed!! Have fun, can't wait to see the booth.

Michelle said...

Hey - I'm in Minneapolis! I know you're busy but let me know if you want some ideas of where to go for cute shops, antiques, and fun food! I'll be your tour guide! :)

pdudgeon said...

re. that first photo...if Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill is at market, you might want to pass the word about that sign and booth to her. She loves both wool and spools. I can just see that sign finding a new home with her after market. *grin*
so glad everything was found again!
(now aren't you extra glad that you only have to track 2 suitcases)

woolyredrug said...

Great to have finally met you both today!
Give me a ring if you have time to come by the studio before you head out of town!

Debbie Busby said...

thanks for visiting me at sample spree!!

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