Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wintry Day

I hope to decorate the house and trim the tree this weekend. It was in my plans to do it last weekend, but something else came up.Right now the house is decorated with things like this.I am the eternal optimist though, and it will be done soon. The scrap box is being depleted again. (Hah!) and I am tinkering around with this.
Which may, or may not, look something like this.We'll see. It could be a Minick and Simpson quilt pattern in the near future. I wanted to work on it last night, but a little thing like a Winter Storm happened and the power went out at 6 pm. You know, my quilting options were diminished with no electricity and total darkness. Bedtime came at 8 pm. Good thing there was a large stack of quilts on hand. Everyone is up early. Especially one particular one. Maybe I can get some work done today.

Speaking of winter..... I found something wonderful for chapped, cracked winter hands. I know, you have heard it all before. This week was especially testing since having a new puppy in the house meant lots of hand washing. I found this online. Honey Guy Cream. I found it at Fat Quarter Quilters. This stuff is Gibby tested and Laurie approved. Honey Guy Cream by Honey Guy

Hope you are keeping warm today. Happy Quilting.



Anonymous said...

SueBee said

Love that new addition to the family. I know you will enjoy him.

Vicky said...

Gibby is so stinking cute! I hope you post lots of pictures of him as he gets bigger! The new block is great.

Janet said...

I like the look of that block - have been looking for something to do with a very intense large print I acquired - this may be it!
The puppy is adorable, but then I'm a terrible sucker for boxer and part boxer pups.
Hope your power is back on - we got the tail end of that storm last night - wind snow rain and this morning lots of slush but no major power outage.
Janet in Nova Scotia

Sharon said...

Gibby is going to be a handful, but I love having a dog in the house. Your block is very interesting, lots of design options with it!

Robin said...

A scrap box depleted. . .
How I envy you.

Becky said...

I like the look of your new blog. Hope that it becomes one of your future patterns. Take care!

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