Sunday, December 13, 2009

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We put up the Christmas tree this weekend. We had to go in a new direction for the decorating this year. New puppy, you know. Real trees were the way to go in the first 10 years of our marriage. I love real trees and had a bad aesthetic experience as a kid with artificial trees. (artificial tree's in the 60's and 70's were NOT good) Lorelei had grown up with artificial trees and a real tree was a great luxury. When she was in college, we would wait to decorate the tree until she could be home with us to do it. Which brings me to this. Our Martha Stewart cast iron Christmas tree stand - for a real tree.
I bought this stand online when we first got a computer. It was my first online purchase. Oh, the novelty of that. "Who would buy things online", on a regular basis, I thought. Hah! Anyways.....I bought this on Martha Stewarts's online store, before she was associated with Macy's and before she was associated with K-Mart. It was on sale for $19.95 (down from around $100.00) and had free shipping. A week later it arrived with a huffing and puffing UPS man carrying it. It was HEAVY. Obscenely heavy. Imagine what you think a solid cast iron Christmas tree stand would weigh and triple it. What metal is heavier than cast iron? Plutonium, maybe? I'm sure whoever had the idea at Martha Stewart Living to offer free shipping on sale items was quickly on the unemployment line. I love this stand, but it hasn't been used in a few years. I would offer it for sale on Ebay - but then the shipping costs would bankrupt the purchaser. So, it stays on.Next was the vintage Christmas tree stand and the vintage white artificial tree. I love this one too. It came about when I found the stand at an antique store and had to find the perfect tree and perfect ornaments to go with it. It started my Shiny-Brite collecting. We have had this one up for the last 5 years or so. Last year, you may remember I blogged about the lights. Some of our white lights had died during storage and I asked Bill to pick up 2 strings of white lights on his way home from Hockey. He did. He bought "Industrial" white lights - whatever they are. What they were was BRIGHT. It took awhile to get used to, but we liked it. The lights were so bright I could sew by them. Both a real tree and this large white tree seemed to much of a temptation for a new puppy. I have a nifty aluminum tree that we used as a prop in our booth at Quilt Market a couple years ago. It is sparse and shorter than the white tree and could be placed on the window sill in the bay window. Aluminum means that we couldn't string lights. I covered it with icicles and all my silver and gold Shiny-Brites and then flipped on the overhead spotlights. It worked. It really looks better from the street than it does from inside. Here it is in front of the window.Let me back up a few steps and you can see the whole tree. Yes, I loaded all the ornaments where they could be seen from the street. I planned on getting a ladder and decorating the top of the tree later, but this tree amuses me and I think it will stay this way. It is badly in need of a tree skirt. I will put that on my list.



Anonymous said...

SueBee said;

Well I think that it is really cool. Love it.

Karmen said...

I see you have a kitty by one of your trees. As this is my first Christmas with a cat, how can I keep her from climbing the tree? Am I a dunce? Do most people already know the answer?

Minick and Simpson said...

@ A Quilter Awakens...

No, you are not a dunce. I'm not sure there is anything you can do if you have a determined cat. In my experience, your cat will either climb your tree - or he couldn't care less about your tree. Our cats took the former approach. None of our cats ever bothered the tree. Roscoe, as you see in the photo, loves to sit underneath the tree (real or fake). He never disturbed anything. Good luck with your kitty.


Anonymous said...

Oh you are depriving Gibby of soooo much fun!!!!!

WoolenSails said...

The trees are beautiful and love that stand.
I did not put up the big tree, just smaller ones and the cats seem to care less, but I know what would happen with a bigger one. They are just too obnoxious.


PamKittyMorning said...

We put a little fence around our tree the years our dogs were pups. After the first year, they didn't care. What the do love is PRESENTS. They are a greedy pair and have to be monitored on a reguliar basis.

Love your trees and of course anything 'vintage' Martha. I miss the old Martha days.

Janet said...

That Martha Srewart tree stand is to die for!!! WOW!!! Meanwhile though, when you have a puppy you do what you have to do, and your this year's tree is not too shabby!
Still debating a tree this year - I do have a lovely wreath!
Janet in Nova Scotia

happy zombie said...

I love your trees! I'm especially gaga over your MS tree stand. I've never seen anything like it. And what a kicker that you got free shipping on it. Who need a tree pants/a tree skirt when you've got that stand!

Oh, and I do think Plutonium is heaviest too. In all the movies my husband watches, Plutonium is always stolen and transported on trains that eventually come off the tracks. Explosions and slow motion men running with automatic weaponry ensue. Have you ever seen a derailed train that's transporting cast iron Christmas tree stands, marshmallows or down comforters??? So it must be true... Plutonium is the heaviest metal.

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