Friday, October 23, 2009


I took these pictures 2 days ago while shopping for cider and other fall stuff at the Farmer's Market. It was lovely on Wednesday, but today it is cold, rainy, windy and definitely October. Do you have all sorts of great plans for the weekend? I do. I'm packing up patterns and mailing out our orders. This is what was on the porch this afternoon.
No cooking. No cleaning, just packing patterns. It will be fun actually. I will order out for dinner, stick a dvd in the t.v. and go to work.

Look for our new patterns to go up on our website this weekend. Also, remember our Ebay auctions end tomorrow. Polly and I have been cleaning (making room for these new patterns) and we have a few more auctions to put up tomorrow. More booth decorations and even a stray kit have surfaced in my basement. Happy pumpkin carving and costume making everyone.



Vicky said...

I'm still organizing fabric in my stash room. My goal is to get it all to fit in there by 12/31 - a lofty goal! Have a great weekend!

pdudgeon said...

that Farmer's market looks so great! we don't have anything like that around here, so i'm glad that you really get to enjoy it so much.

looking forward to seeing all the new stuff!

Janet said...

Hi Laurie: A similar day here today - cold windy and wet. Winter is coming.
Am watching several items on your ebay listings and will keep an eye out for your new listings too - hopefully I can score some nice things!!
Janet in chilly Nova Scotia Canada

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I was trying and trying to win the bid for the Christmas ornaments, but, sadly didn't win in the end. I was so disappointed as I thought I could add another Christmas tree to my many that would be totally decorated with your ornaments. Oh well, maybe next time. Karen from Ontario

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

movies & pattern packing.. sounds like fun to me.. if i was closer i'd come over to help!!

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