Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taking The Day Off

Thanks everyone for making our ebay auctions a success. Polly and I posted a couple more things, so make sure to take a look. This is the result. I am on my way to the post office to take about half of them. The ones that I can do on the automatic kiosk.The rest will go tomorrow when I can take them to the counter. There are also 6 LARGE boxes ready for the front porch and my UPS guy will take care of those tomorrow also. So, I am taking the day off. Not so much because I earned it but because of this.
These are 2 of the many black walnut trees in our yard. As you can see one of these holds half of my infamous clothesline. I could only get about the bottom third of these trees in the photo. They are very tall. There are about 5 more of them. Today Bill and the "tree-guy" are going to trim them. This consists of Bill standing on the ground, pointing and yelling and the tree-guy swinging from tree to tree on some sort of evil pulley thing - with a chain saw. I witnessed this horror show about 5 years ago when the trees were trimmed the last time. Never again. I spent the whole afternoon in a panic attack. Instead of spending the day with my finger poised over number "2" on my speed dial - I am leaving. I may even go see a movie. Number "2" on my speed dial you ask? Number 2 is speed dial for 911. You see, in an emergency punching 9 - 1 - 1 takes too much time - I have whittled it down just to one number. I put 911 on speed dial the last time Bill cleaned the roof. Thankfully, I didn't have to use it - but I am prepared. Later.



Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

911 on speed dial?? O.M.G... you crack me up!! I hope your day off went well!!! you deserve it!

Janet said...

Hi: My computer froze just as I tried to bid - curses!!! Oh well will try to acquire some of your new goodies.
When I lived in Ontario, we had so many walnuts coming up as trash trees in the backyard - one had to be removed as it was too close to a foundation wall - well - took the trunk to the local gunstock factory and made enough from it to pay the forester who took it down for me! I had to swear I was the rightful owner of the wood as many people have their walnut trees "rustled" by thieves, who quickly sell the wood and leave no trace.
Have a great day off.

PamKittyMorning said...

Oh yeah, I know EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN. Like when Bret used to get in the tree with a chain saw. CRAZY.

Camille said...

You are hilarious, and I love your blog. Have I told you that lately? What is it with men and danger?? I'll never understand.

Vicky said...

One of those boxes has landed on my doorstep! Thank you, Laurie!!

The Lawlor's said...

can you please email me at lawlorlawlor at gmail dot com

I'm wondering if you have a pattern for your argyle quilt. I love it!

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