Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sample Spree And Other Forces of Nature

Hey, everyone! Hello from Houston. First of all let me acknowledge that I do know the stadium here is named Minute Maid Stadium and not Tropicana Field. I attribute the mental lapse to baseball induced trauma. Okay, on to the important stuff. Last night was Sample Spree - the quilt shopping extravaganza! It was fun and it was chaotic. We sold lots of show pattern specials, but we do have a few left over.
Would you like to have your own sample spree? Below is what you get - Chippewa Nine Patch, Brrrrr Park, Miss Monroe's Four Patch, School's Girl Glen, and Haberdashery for $20.00 until we run out. The Sample Spree Special will be posted on our website - sometime today. Everyone's booth is now photo ready and we will be posting pics tonight. Make sure to click on KPKM on the left for more market blogs.

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WoolenSails said...

I cannot imagine how hectic, sample spree must be.
I think I would need a week of rest after that day;)


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