Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On The Road Again

Hey, Isn't that a Willie Nelson song, or is it just too late to be trying this. Laurie and Leigh Ann are on the road and I am trying to do this job, that I never do and depend on Laurie, she is in a hotel in Arkansas and the laptop is with me and she and the laptop do not meet up until tomorrow. So we shall see, my problem is "Can I get the photos from her phone to my post??" That is a scary thought, but I will give it the All American try. They drove from Ann Arbor to Arkansas today - not bad. I leave very early tomorrow and get in very early and will beat them by hours. Hopefully I can get a start on our booth before they pull in. As you can see from the photos - Laurie is taking photos of herself, not really she is binding a quilt. You can also see Leigh Ann busy with the sewing machine they toted along to finish yet another of our quilts. You can soon understand why I am not with them, being the non-sewer - I would not be much help. So I am busy being the travel agent, reservation person and hopefully will have a head start on our booth. Now will the photos materalize?? Soon we will see.

Watch us each day for news and goods from market.

OK, that took WAAAY too much time, when Laurie is not here to ask questions - I know she can move photos easily - I cannot, so that is my story tonight, those are the photos, not where I want them. But, hey - that is it!
Tomorrow Laurie will be back at her post


WoolenSails said...

I can't wait to see photos and news of the show.
I do not envy you the job of setting up, although setting up is more fun than taking it all down again;)


pdudgeon said...

my hat's off to all three of you! i can't imagine doing that much driving in one day, or late night sewing, or moving photos from a phone to a laptop. heck, let's be honest--i know nothing about photos in phones, and i haven't made a reservation for anything in 15 years! So all three of you get very well-deserved props from me. looking forward to seeing all the new things.

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