Friday, October 16, 2009

Bundle Winners and Other Stuff

Well, well. This give-away certainly got you all up and typing on your keyboard, didn't it? Most of you were way off the mark. Remember that we had Leigh Ann with us. Leigh Ann is a pint sized dynamo. We couldn't believe how fast we got our booth down ourselves and took a look at the time. The three of us busted and boxed and packed it into the van in 45 minutes. We had two winners who guessed that on the nose - SueBee and Fiesta. Contact me here SueBee and Fiesta and I will get your prizes out to you asap. Ooooh, one more thing about the prizes. We searched high and low (and through the Moda warehouse) and couldn't come up with another fat quarter bundle. SueBee - you were the first to guess correctly so the bundle goes to you. Fiesta - you will get a Jelly Roll of Bar Harbor and lots more stuff in your box to make up for this travesty of justice.
As for the rest of you - thanks so much for commenting and saying nice things about Bar Harbor and the booth. You made our weekend. Keep looking at this here blog thingy for more give-aways in the near future.

Now down to some more serious business. That is for me to post on this blog so that the hideous photo of me in the previous post gets moved down into oblivion. Ouch. It didn't look quite that bad on my Blackberry. (Almost all photos of me improve once they are reduced down to 2" square.) It is now back to unpacking and getting the patterns ready to send to distributors and shops. My weekend is planned. I will leave you with one more photo of Quilt Market - and of us - that actually turned out pretty well. It is taken in Barb and Mary's booth (Me and My Sister) and they have a beachy-boardwalk theme. These cutie cut-outs were a very popular photo taking spot.Laurie


Vickie E said...

Laurie and Polly,
I just wanted to thank you for being so kind at quilt market. I enjoyed meeting you and sitting down and just talking. I can't wait til spring market to see what you have in store :)


Now that picture of the two bathing buddies---I would let someone take my picture behind that and I might even like me in it for once!!!!
Hugs, Di

kshackabq said...

You both rock! Thanks for your witty blogging (and I think you look great in the vintage sunglasses!).

WoolenSails said...

Now, how can I see you in that little tiny picture;)


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