Thursday, October 1, 2009

5 Days and Counting

Leigh Ann and I leave for our little road trip in 5 days. The rental vehicle is reserved.

The Beverly Hillbillies Truck by photo8612.

Kidding. Nice quilt, though.

Leigh Ann and I have to think up enough stuff to talk about to cover 10 states. Let's see..... World Affairs? No. Economic Policies? No. String Theory? No. Quilts! Quilt gossip! Yep, that's the ticket.
Moda Lissa, Bunny Hill, PamKittyMorning, and Sandy Gervais have all been blogging about the pre-Quilt Market process. We are pretty good as far as preparations. All the quilts are made and all but 2 have the binding on. Polly has the booth all planned out on paper and I have starting making piles to load into the van. That is just scratching the surface, I'm afraid. I will be making lists, and stacking up piles of stuff for the next 4 days. Polly arrives in Houston before us and will have the booth ready for all the unpacking.

Let's see what else is new? Make sure you check out Carrie's blog. We love the Lincoln quilt, Carrie!

What else?? Remember this that I got in the mail a couple of weeks ago?It's is Hushabye by our friend Tula Pink. I finished the top last night. Bill and I meet our new grand niece Kayce this weekend and I wanted to give her this quilt. Well, it won't be quilted, but I can show her mom the top. It will go off to Kari to quilt asap. Tula's pattern was fab and easy and my seams actually went together almost perfectly ; ) But why, oh why did my top grow almost 10" bigger than what it was supposed to be? It must be a quilting Miracle. That, or I am just too incompetent to be left alone with a sewing machine.

What else.......It seems that today is the birthday of one of the Minick and Simpson designers. No, it isn't me. Happy Birthday Polly.



Kwiltsfl said...

Happy Birthday, Polly!!!!!!! Can't wait to see your pictures and hear all the exciting news from Houston!!!


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Polly!

And I love the Granny Clampett rental car! You and LeighAnn can take turns ~ one of you can sit and bind while the other drives!

pdudgeon said...

wouldn't it be a blast to take a trip in that old car, though!
Your Grand niece's quilt came out beautifuly, thanks for showing us.


Sheila said...

I love road trips! Beautiful fabric and adorable quilt.

Happy Birthday, ~Polly~.

Kaye Prince said...

Happy Birthday Polly!

You guys seem to be coming along well in the preparation for Quilt Market; good luck!

lovetostitch said...

Cant wait to hear all about the travels - wonder what kind of gas mileage you get in that thing?!

Happy Birthday wishes coming at you, Polly!!

PamKittyMorning said...


Look forward to seeing you guys next week. We leave in 5 days as well! Yikes.

Anonymous said...

I love the Clampett mobile!!!!

Hope you guys have a safe trip, and lots of fun!!!!! Send pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at market, Laurie and LeighAnn! Looking forward to seeing some great pictures taken with your new camera!
Happy Birthday to Polly!
~Joyce in MI

WoolenSails said...

Happy Birthday to Polly. That care reminds me of the beverly hillbillies, lol. Beautiful quilt, she will love it. I wish I could go to the market.

If you get a chance, stop by Lynette Anderson's booth (1527). She will have a new book and punch needle patterns that I made the pieces for.


Eleanor said...

Happy birthday, Polly!

Have a fantastic trip!

I looooove that pinwheel quilt. I'm such a sucker for pinwheels.

Sinta Renee said...

Happy birthday Polly! And wishes for many more blessed years! (we share the same birthday... and carrie too!)

Camille said...

Happy (late) birthday Polly!

I don't know what you are talking about- that car looks like a sweet ride to me!

Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

Just read the blog about you at the Fat Quarter Shop. You told them you were handing out signed HST at market. I've been waiting to see what you were going to do with your box of HST. I was expecting to see a quilt. Signing them and handing them out is a fun alternative.
Now I am even more disappointed not to be coming to Market this year. (Baby due in 3 weeks.)
Have a good trip!

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