Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Update

I'm looking forward to doing some stitching tomorrow as I have caught up on lots of chores. Yeah! I might even start a quilt - just for the heck of it!

Lizzie spent an exciting morning observing the local Bunny. The Bunny has been spending a lot of time in the yard lately. He is obviously the same Bunny from last year that rang our doorbell (or a close relative). Here is a better look at him.This guy kept a good eye on Lizzie too - this went on for about an hour and a half. The other exciting news for the day is this. Pulled Pork on the grill. Bill and I have been working on this since this morning and we should be able to enjoy tonight. I have made pulled pork before, but it has been in the oven. We did some reading and hopefully it will turn out. It smells heavenly. Those are soaked hickory chips that are giving off the smoke.

We are meatless more days than not. We have even contemplated going vegetarian and will be all gung-ho for a few days, but things like pulled pork will occur to us and that will go by the wayside. Pulled Pork! And bacon. Next month the tomatoes will come in and we will eat nothing but BLTs, corn on the cob and melon for days on end. Good times.



Carrie said...

That pork looks awesome ~ and I bet the smell is heavenly.

Like you, we go meatless at least 50% of the time but never completely. I've also tried a total vegetarian diet but there are three problems with that...(1) I don't like tofu, (2) I don't like tofu, (3) I don't like tofu. And no matter what they do to it with seasonings, it's never going to take like hamburger, hot dogs or bacon. :)

Jeanette said...

you had me nervous there for a second. You post a picture of a cute little bunny, then the next picture is a suspiciously bunny looking hunk of meat on a grill LOL

I was feeling really bad for the bunny!

Anonymous said...

We've lived in a lot of different places and there's nothing like Michigan corn and tomatoes. Can't wait! Yeah, the bunny/grill had me going too for a minute but I can't imagine you doing that!

Schnookie said...

I also loved the jump from the bunny picture to the grill picture. Heh heh. And pulled pork on a kettle grill? That's hardcore! It looks absolutely delicious, though -- pulled pork is one of nature's candies. Right up there with BLTs... tomato season's so close I can almost taste them! :D

Jeanne said...

Me, too. I thought it was the bunny on the grill. Can't wait for the BLTs.

Alma Allen said...

Pulled pork is the best! Hope yours turned out great. Dave and I are giving up the meat a bit too. We eat more vegetables and fruit. Trying to figure out more than just meat, a starch, a vegetable and salad for dinner. Summer and the grill just go together don't they?

Carrie P. said...

Pulled pork. Yummy!

Erzebat said...

gooooodness! Im scrolling thru the pictures and I see this cute little bun-bun. next picture show a hunk of meat on the grill! you know where my mind went......(mauh) Liz

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