Friday, June 12, 2009

Tickle File

Do you have a Tickle File? If you google "tickler file" you will see that is a business management term for a file system that is organized by dates. You basically file all things under the date you need to do them. Makes sense. I should probably set one up for myself to pay bills, do maintenance, chores, etc. But a tickle file is a little different - or at least how it was explained to me. An artist acquaintance once grabbed a paper napkin from our lunch meeting and explained that is was going into her tickle file. She said she liked the geometric pattern embossed on it. Being ignorant of a tickle file - I asked. She explained it is a file, box, storage compartment of things to remind her. Inspirations. I said I guess I kind of had one too. You know, stuff saved to be re-invented later. I find it is always needed to go through at least some of my tickle file stash when a new project is being planned. Here are some pictures I have stored on my computer that are in my tickle file. Here is a photo I kept because of the colors.It is a photo of an antique Amish quilt. I love this color combination. We did try to use this color combination once. Polly and I collaborated on a hooked/penny rug. It was okay, but not as good as the original. Isn't that always the case.
This is a photo I saved from a furniture auction. It is an Art Deco chair. I'm not sure how or why, or when I will use the inspiration of this chair - but I love it and when I look at it it makes me smile. There is something there that talks to me.I saved this picture of an antique quilt not because of the pattern, or the colors, but because it reminds me to think outside the box. Unexpected. Making do. Again, I love this quilt because of that.No, I didn't save this for religious reasons. This photo from a long ago folk art auction on Ebay was saved because of that FRAME. THAT will be a a great quilt border someday - once it is reinvented into fabric.

My tickle file is all over the place - literally and physically. There is my computer tickle file, my several boxes of stashed "things" and my bulletin board with things stuck to it. Tell me about your tickle file.



llo said...

My tickle file has been with me for almost thirty years. It is filled with pictures of porches decorated with wonderful wicker pieces. I am finally moving to a home with a beautiful porch. I have been happily browsing through my saved pictures dreaming of what that area will become. Of course there will be quilts!!! Thanks for all of your great blogs and pictures.

arlyce said...

Laurie, my tickle file has become a sketch book into which I sketch, paste, write...unfortunately I lost too much saved on computers that went wherever they go when they decide that they no longer want us as companions (same place, no doubt, that so many plants that I have introduced into the garden to be the perfect addition). arlyce

Mary said...

I have many! I have a few file folders with specific inspirations - living rooms, pottery, pictures, that kind of thing. I have a sketch book by my couch. What I really want to remember is tacked up all over my studio - and I mean ALL over! I put up pictures, patterns, fabric swatches, words, anything I want to see for quick inspiration. It wouldn't work for everyone but it's perfect for me!

Anonymous said...

I like that, tickle file. It will remind me that my organization doesn't have to perfect to be inspirational. My goal is to have all my inspiration pages and project into binders, but right now it's all in piles ;)

beeinstitches said...

It's great to keep "tickle" files and even more fun to look back thru them! I started my knitting inspiration file with pictures of sweaters that I loved when I was in my teens. For my rug hooking inspirations, I've got pictures pasted into a composition notebook, so I can write notes next to the pictures and also keep notes on rugs I'm working on. A few years ago, I finally bit the bullet and decided it was time to get rid of my 20+ years of Country Living Magazine. I ended up with about a foot of pages torn out, that I just HAD to keep. Those are now categorized in file folders - Antiques, Quilts, Design/Houses, and Recipes. Always a great place to get a creative "jumpstart"!
Love some of the pictures in your tickle file, Laurie! Thanks for sharing them.

Robin said...

I have a chest filled with the items and pictures that you call a "Tickle File". It makes me think that the title came from refering to things that "tickle your fancy". I notice I have pictures of hanks of wool on a wall or in a display or in a basket. I don't knit, hook, or weave but I love looking at the light and shadow as it plays on the colors of wool.

WoolenSails said...

I use a file box and folders for all my inspiration.
I love the amish quilts and the purples they used.


lovetostitch said...

While I’ve never used the term Tickle file, I knew what it was immediately. I have file folders, pics on the computer and shoe boxes full of all sorts of inspirations and “wanna dos”. They range from of course quilting, to scrapbooking, to gardening, and someone mentioned porches….. I’ll bet we have the same photos from magazines that I have torn out. I always wondered how they kept them looking so gorgeous, thru rain showers and seasons, like is there a box some where for all the pillows??

Referring to the previous blog post of patriotic things – my all time fave!!! I saw Polly’s photos in Country Home, mine is similar and always ready for the occasion…….I think it goes with everything – lol!!!

Unknown said...

I have a tickle file, but always just called it my notebook, it has changed from a bunch of file folders to a notebook. It has an assortment of things in it, all of which inspire me.

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