Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cat Beds "R" Us

There has been little quilting here lately. Many chores and long delayed jobs have been attempted and finished. I still have a few more of these chores to do, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think I can actually start designing and make a quilt soon. Really. I am pretty excited.

You remember the adorable doll bed I have here that we used at Quilt Market - and the fact that Roscoe coveted it.
Basically, Roscoe's main purpose in life is to find a comfy spot and spend time in it. This has been his "crib" the last few days.
It is an antique "make-do" baby crib. We also used it in Pittsburgh to style our booth. It was made by some genius who took old screens and put them on wheels. We think that the lucky baby, once inside the crib, was put outside in the summer breeze. The sides hinge so it can have short sides or tall sides. Bill and I have come to the conclusion that our purpose in life is to make sure we have comfy beds for critters. There are worse things to aspire to.

Make sure to have a peek over at La Vie en Rosie. Carrie has posted pictures of a couple of her new patterns and "Summer Rental" is calling out to me. That is one GORGEOUS quilt!

Tomorrow is Bill's and my anniversary. Fourteen years and counting. He made a "joke" on our honeymoon that if I really loved him I would make sure the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. At the time they were playing and we watched on a snowy old black and white tv in Elkhart Indiana. Don't ask. We were en route to a Lake Michigan B & B. They lost in 95. Since that fateful remark the Red Wings have won the cup 4 times. They could win a 5th this week. I have more than made up my end of the deal. I told him I expect a Detroit Tiger World Series victory very soon. Go Wings!Another annual event always happens around our anniversary. The Tony Awards. They will be on tv tonight. Yes, not only am I a quilt geek, a Detroit sports geek, I am a Broadway geek. "Billy Elliot" looks like a show I would love and I predict some statues tonight.



MJinMichigan said...

Your make-do crib made of screens looks just like one I saw as a child. It was used to hold live chicks at the fair. That sure seems a lifetime ago.
Go Red Wongs!

PamKittyMorning said...

Happy Anniversary!
Those cats look might comfy, thank goodness my dogs are not as particular.

little acorns said...

How funny about being sure our pets have their places to snuggle into. I was thinking about moving some furniture around. . . & then I thought about how if I did that - it would take away one of Bailey's "posts" (on the back of a chair - so he can see out the windows. . .) Oh well!
Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you have a very happy day!
(& I agree with you about Carries quilt. . . gorgeous!)
xo, Bren

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Our is this week too.

WoolenSails said...

We do spoil our kitties;)
Happy Anniversary! We celebrate ours in two weeks, it will be 34 years.


Nancy in MT said...

The kitties are too cute, I always think anything we bring home is really for them and they know it. Happy A! He's lucky to have found you no matter what. I'm working on a strippy quilt with all the scraps you sent me, intend to applique those huge horses on top from the 3 Farmers's pattern and some stars. The fabrics are gorgeous.

Abbybeth said...

I love your cats! They're so adorable :)

And as a fellow Michigander and Wings fan - I am SO hoping they wrap this thing up tomorrow. I'll be glued to my TV. Happy Anniversary too!


STLquilter said...

The cat is cute in the bed, but, the quilt on the wall with the scalloped patriotic border is like a siren's song for me! I didn't see a pattern matching that on your site. Would you please share the source of that pattern?

Minick and Simpson said...

STL Quilter

That quilt is pictured in our book "Everyday Folk Art" - but no pattern given due to copyright issues. There is a smaller, simpler version of that quilt - without the copyright issues patterned in that book. It is called the baseball quilt. Thanks


Nouveau Stitch said...

I have new bedroom furniture all ready to order BUT my kitten has decided her bed belongs on top of our current headboard's ledge ... despite the lovely down-filled bed I made for her that you can see on my blog. Go Wings!! (But what I really mean is GO TIGERS!)


Kathy said...

Love your blog and was just getting caught up on some of your posts. Noticed that someone asked about the scalloped border quilt, how about the one that hangs on the crib. looks like a 25 patch, etc.
Thanks so much and go red,white & blue, 4th of July myself, so anything r,w,b is my fav.

Minick and Simpson said...


That quilt is a copy of an antique quilt. The pattern was published by American Patchwork & Quilting in the Spring/Summer of 2006. I don't have the issue anymore. I made this quilt using Minick and Simpson scraps. Thanks for asking


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