Friday, May 15, 2009

So Many Quilters, Not Enough Time

I'm still a techno-idiot. No pictures, but I STRONGLY suggest you click on the links to the left, particularly Miss Rosie, PamKittyMorning, and the Jolly Jabber. Jocelyn at the Jabber thinks the photos will be loaded up soon. Everything is a blur. Let me tell you.....if you ever want a little excitement - just have the table next to the Moda poeple at Sample Spree. WOW! It was like a wild carnivorous fabric eating mob (albeit a charming, lovely carnivorous mob) descended. You ladies sure like your Moda pre-cuts.

We saw lots and lots of old friends today and chatted up lots more. We have a great view of the crowds and we are looking forward to more tomorrow. Dinner tonight was on a cruise boat with Moda as our hosts. I am ashamed to say I never knew Pittsburgh was such a lovely city. The boat went by PNC Park and it was close enough to hear the crowd sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame. Very Cool.

Leigh Ann says "I am just in awe!!" She is amazed that we all seem to "know" each other and that we are nice to each other. She said it nicer than it sounds when it's written here. I agree.

And whose idea was it to give PKM a video camera? Pam, you better watch out - you may become a viral video.


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Anonymous said...

Market is WAY BETTER than Disneyland!

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