Friday, May 29, 2009

Odds and Ends and a Winner

Nothing much to report here on the home front. I am still doing lots of chores regarding the floor. It seems, if you move out all of your furniture, then move it back in again, it makes sense to clean, dust, and generally de-clutter said furniture. Believe me, three days of housecleaning does not come naturally. Not very blog worthy, that's for sure. Our new set of Spring patterns are being printed and they will be on my doorstep early next week. The rest of the week will be spent shipping and filling orders from Market. Speaking of market, haven't all of the designer/bloggers done a great job? If you haven't been over to Camille's blog - Simplify - you must go look. Camille's photography makes the rest of us look rather pedestrian. She is a consumate blogger.

Other news..... Have you seen the new issue of Quilter's Home? One of Pollys rug's is in it and there is a lovely story about editor Mark Lipinski and how he adopted his son. Read it. Mark is my new hero.

Here is another tidbit that I forgot to report from Market..... You remember PamKittyMorning and her purse and her twisted videos from Pittsburgh, don't you? Well, I would like to show you her business card. One morning as I arrived at our booth I found her and Elizabeth's business cards on my chair, telling me that they had visited. Here it is.
It seems her job title is "Trusty Sidekick". I LOVE that. I will have to think about getting new business cards for myself printed up. What could they possibly say? Degenerate Fabric Hoarder? Backseat Driver? Girl Detective? I wonder.......

The moods here, in our newly dusted home are a bit edgy and anxious. The Stanley Cup Finals start tomorrow. I could go on and on, but basically....... Let's Go Red Wings!!!

Oh, and I consulted the random number generator at - and the winner is: Carol.

So, Carol email me here and I will send out the Jingles flannel quilt kit to you. Congratulations!



Sherri said...

Love the Pam Kitty Morning business card...hmmm...makes me wonder what I'd put on mine? I love your "degenerate fabric hoarder" label!

Allie said...

I vote for degenerate fabric hoarder. LOL! And yes let's go Wings - although I am not allowed to watch a single game. Every time I watch, they lose! I went down to make dinner one night, and in the ten minutes I was at the stove [where I could see the tv] the other team scored TEN TIMES on the Wings. I was banished from the kitchen during anymore games. I hate to cook anyway, lol....I'd much rather sew!

PamKittyMorning said...

OHMYGOSH GIRL DETECTIVE!!!! Why haven't I thought of that before.

Carol said...

I'm so excited that you picked my name for the kit, I sent you a email with my address. Very exciting. Polly's rug is so nice, if I had more time in my life I might consider making one too.

Anonymous said...

Since I didn't win the fabric, I will have to hop over to Lake St. Mercantile to make a purchase. :)They are too cute to pass up!
~Joyce C.

Sandy said...

Pam is one in a million!

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