Friday, May 29, 2009

Odds and Ends and a Winner

Nothing much to report here on the home front. I am still doing lots of chores regarding the floor. It seems, if you move out all of your furniture, then move it back in again, it makes sense to clean, dust, and generally de-clutter said furniture. Believe me, three days of housecleaning does not come naturally. Not very blog worthy, that's for sure. Our new set of Spring patterns are being printed and they will be on my doorstep early next week. The rest of the week will be spent shipping and filling orders from Market. Speaking of market, haven't all of the designer/bloggers done a great job? If you haven't been over to Camille's blog - Simplify - you must go look. Camille's photography makes the rest of us look rather pedestrian. She is a consumate blogger.

Other news..... Have you seen the new issue of Quilter's Home? One of Pollys rug's is in it and there is a lovely story about editor Mark Lipinski and how he adopted his son. Read it. Mark is my new hero.

Here is another tidbit that I forgot to report from Market..... You remember PamKittyMorning and her purse and her twisted videos from Pittsburgh, don't you? Well, I would like to show you her business card. One morning as I arrived at our booth I found her and Elizabeth's business cards on my chair, telling me that they had visited. Here it is.
It seems her job title is "Trusty Sidekick". I LOVE that. I will have to think about getting new business cards for myself printed up. What could they possibly say? Degenerate Fabric Hoarder? Backseat Driver? Girl Detective? I wonder.......

The moods here, in our newly dusted home are a bit edgy and anxious. The Stanley Cup Finals start tomorrow. I could go on and on, but basically....... Let's Go Red Wings!!!

Oh, and I consulted the random number generator at - and the winner is: Carol.

So, Carol email me here and I will send out the Jingles flannel quilt kit to you. Congratulations!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Christmas Delivery

I had lots of plans today. I was going to admire my new floors, I was going to go grocery shopping, I was going to try to design a new quilt. All for naught. I had a delivery from my UPS man today. It is our new Christmas collection - Jingles. It is our first flannel collection and it is yummy. (This is a picture of it on the new, shiny floor. Don't mind me - I will pat myself on the back so much - I will dislocate my shoulder) This got Polly and I to thinking. Yes, a dangerous state of mind....

Do you make your Christmas gifts? Have you started? Did you make Christmas gifts last year?
I know that there is a lot of talk and some confirmed statistics that during an economic downturn that home sewing increases. I always try to make some gifts, but it is time that is my enemy in that department. People who love to sew, stitch, or hook are always generous with their art - we give it away to our friends and loved ones. Let's face it - making a quilt for someone is not cheap. Our time is valuable and if you are reading this blog - you are probably hip to buying premium fabrics and tools. We want the best if we are spending our money and time on a project. I know I do. It is heartening to know that when people are faced with challenges that they make something with their own hands for someone that literally "comforts" them - a quilt.
What we don't tell the receiver of such a gift is that it comforts us too. It really is better to give than to receive.

You can take the following anecdote with a grain of salt - last fall at Quilt Market there was talk of bad times ahead and lots of predictions of doom and gloom. At Spring Market last week I heard very little of that. Hardly any at all, really. While some people's financial situations are far from rosy, it seems our industry is surviving just fine. It seems that if you have to cut something out of your budget - sewing, thankfully, is not on the list.

So with these thoughts - we decided to help you a bit with your Christmas Gift list. Comment about making Christmas gifts, or your home sewing habits lately and you could be eligible for a "Jingles" quilt kit.Everything you need to make the top is here and the instructions are included. Jingles flannels ship next month to your local quilt shop and the pattern is a free download from the Moda website.
Comment before midnight on Friday, May 29th and the winner will be drawn at random.
And the first person who says they have ALL of their Christmas shopping done already - is automatically disqualified from the drawing. Kidding.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Do It Yourself - No, You Do It Yourself!

Here is the result of our long weekend. Bill, who is a little hindered because of a hand injury (the stitches are healing just fine, thank you) was the instructor, task master, expounder on the project and a friend and I were the grunt labor. It turned out okay for amateurs. What should have been 3 coats of finish on the floor turned out to be much more. Now, we will try to put the house back together.

Yesterday was like an episode from the 3 Stooges. A first coat of finish was put on the dining room and we were cleaning up and leaving to go out to breakfast. We had several hours of waiting for the next coat and the fumes were making us all a little goofy. Disaster struck. Lizzie the cat escaped the basement and decided to explore. Bill let loose with language not suited for a Sunday morning. I turned and saw Lizzie making her way across the newly coated floor. Remember the old cartoons with Sylvester the Cat sneaking up on Tweety Bird? That's what Lizzie looked like - tiptoe-ing across the sticky stuff. I instinctively jumped up to go after her. I promptly slipped on the shiny mess and landed un-ladylike on my behind. There was a large smear (butt print) on the perfect finish and my jeans are just a memory. Many coats, and sandings later - you cannot see Lizzie's paw prints or my big smear. I told Bill we will laugh about it someday. He says "someday" will be a long time coming.

We have a few hours of work ahead of us today getting things back to some kind of normal. Then..... I hope to get back to some design work and stitching - something I seem to be more cut out for.


Friday, May 22, 2009


What is going on here????

Too Much Clutter - CANNOT THINK

..................We will be taking a blog break for a few days. Happy Long Weekend, Everyone!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Memo to Polly





Pittsburgh, Part 2

The unpacking is done and now since the visible clutter is contained, the mental clutter is starting to dissipate. I have a few more pictures of Pittsburgh to share.
This was in a booth called the Galloping Pony. Barbara Brackman also blogged about it today. It was simple, austere and almost zen like. Virginia Cole's work is a mixture of modern and primitive and I was enthralled. Check out her website. This piece is called a Hap. Depending on the size it can be a throw or a table runner. This lovely piece could EASILY be done in an evening. I am very motivated. Particularly when she said her background fabric was our woven from Flag Day Farm. Bravo, Virginia. Below is the Moda icon - Jan Patek. Jan is wearing her Girl Gang denim jacket. I covet this jacket. On it, besides her signature primitive applique designs - are other Moda designer signatures. Jan asked me to sign her sleeve and at the next market my name will be stitched on by Jan. Here is the back of her jacket - stunning!Please double click on the photo to enlarge and notice that Terry Thompson's name is misspelled. Awesome. Terry, herself misspelled her own name! I think it makes the coat more charming than it already is - if that is possible.

I am literally "going back to the drawing board" to design a quilt. The house is de-cluttered and maybe I can get something on paper. Wish me luck.


Monday, May 18, 2009

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Hey! We are back home from market and I am on my trusty pc and the pictures have downloaded. That's the good news. The bad news is since I couldn't download in Pittsburgh - it didn't take many pictures to fill up my camera. But.... I will show what I have. I am unpacked from the rental van, but not unpacked totally. That means that I am stumbling over unpacked boxes and suitcases. First things first. Blogging is number one on the list - so here goes. I guess I will just show them in chronological order (as opposed to any other kind of order that actually makes sense).Here are our first pictures in Pittsburgh, about 1 hour after driving the van into the convention center. We are makin' good time and the booth is shaping up. Meanwhile the overachievers (Bonnie and Camille of Thimbleblossoms) have their booth set up perfectly and are off shopping or doing something glamorous that suits them. Either that or charity work. I kid. Only because they are impossibly nice. And talented. They are also nowhere to be seen in the pic.This is the booth to our left - Sandy Gervais' booth - Pieces From My Heart. Again, notice that it is all set up and perfect. Yes, she brought in a stove, a dining table and chairs and groceries. Sandy told me about several things in the booth and the planning that went into them. She roasted a turkey, she baked a pie!...... It's a good thing we like Sandy so much and she makes us laugh A LOT.
Here is Leigh Ann after I cracked the whip and had her set up the booth. Didn't she do a good job?
Here is me - taking credit for it.Around the corner from us was Buttermilk Basin and another of my favorite booths. This one is a little fuzzy - sorry.
This one was taken at the Moda party on the boat cruise. The back of the head belongs to Barb of "Me and My Sister" fame. She is meeting her new best friend Eleanor Burns. Barb tried to talk me into meeting Eleanor but I get a little tongue tied around quilting icons. I agreed to take this amazing picture of Eleanor and the back of Barb's head. You're welcome Barb.
More of the Moda party and the beautiful scenery of Pittsburgh. That is Deb Strain in the center taking a photo.
My favorite part of the cruise..... gliding along side of PNC park while the Pirates were playing. You could hear the crowd, the music and the cheers. Awesome.
I'm going to end it here for today. We had a grand time. I will post some more tomorrow. Thanks for sticking with me during the techno-glitch.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lamest Blogger EVER!

Yes, I am the lamest blogger ever. All this magnificent stuff is going on all around me and I am here with a busted camera and I am too tired to expound.

Let's see..... Celebrity sightings today include Mark Lipinsky, Buggy Barn, Darlene Zimmerman, and too many more. Really, I am just too exhausted to even think anymore.

Gossip, you ask???? Well, Joanna of Fig Tree won a ribbon for her booth for best merchandising. Lila Tueller won a ribbon for best new exhibitor. Yep, the competition is tough in Moda Row. Congratulation Joanna and Lila - your ribbons are richly deserved.

Dinner was scrumptious at Lidia's. That is Lidia Bastionich of PBS's Lidia's Kitchen. Wow! Ask for the lemon tiramisu and tell them the quilt women sent you.

Sorry, done for today. Check over on the left to get info from more competent bloggers.

And if you watch the PamKittyMorning videos...... be careful you don't laugh so much you spit diet coke all over your keyboard.


Friday, May 15, 2009

So Many Quilters, Not Enough Time

I'm still a techno-idiot. No pictures, but I STRONGLY suggest you click on the links to the left, particularly Miss Rosie, PamKittyMorning, and the Jolly Jabber. Jocelyn at the Jabber thinks the photos will be loaded up soon. Everything is a blur. Let me tell you.....if you ever want a little excitement - just have the table next to the Moda poeple at Sample Spree. WOW! It was like a wild carnivorous fabric eating mob (albeit a charming, lovely carnivorous mob) descended. You ladies sure like your Moda pre-cuts.

We saw lots and lots of old friends today and chatted up lots more. We have a great view of the crowds and we are looking forward to more tomorrow. Dinner tonight was on a cruise boat with Moda as our hosts. I am ashamed to say I never knew Pittsburgh was such a lovely city. The boat went by PNC Park and it was close enough to hear the crowd sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame. Very Cool.

Leigh Ann says "I am just in awe!!" She is amazed that we all seem to "know" each other and that we are nice to each other. She said it nicer than it sounds when it's written here. I agree.

And whose idea was it to give PKM a video camera? Pam, you better watch out - you may become a viral video.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good News/Bad News

The good news is that Leigh Ann and I are in Pittsburgh and have set up our booth. We have seen a lot of friends and have seen neat things just in our little neighborhood of the convention center. The bad news is that I cannot download my pictures : (

I hope to find or talk to someone more computer savvy than I, but it doesn't look good.

I can direct you to more competent people's websites (but I'm sure you are way ahead of me) Moda Lissa, LaVie enRosie, PamKittyMorning, just for starters. They all are posting now and more will follow. Click on the links over on the left and many more will soon start posting.

I will report that Leigh Ann is in seventh heaven. If you are a quilter - this convention is like Disneyland. Disneyland is not the right example - it is better. Polly is beside herself that she cannot be here (she had a previous commitment). She is calling regularly and asking for updates and asking lots of questions about the booths.

Sample Spree is tonight. I'm sure Moda Lissa will blog about that. The mobs, the people, the feeding frenzy for Moda fabric....... padding and protective gear is recommended. Leigh Ann and I are off to a late lunch/early dinner to get ready for it. I am so sorry about the photos.......


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The last 2 quilts were picked up from Kari this afternoon and Leigh Ann and I will bind them in the car on the way to Pittsburgh. I am packing. I don't think it will ever end. This is one wall in my dining room.Did you notice the gift on top of the pile? It is a thank-you gift for PamKittyMorning for making me that gorgeous purse out of Wiscasset. The wrapping paper has cherries on it. Yes! Score! At least I know she will like the wrapping paper!

I plan to take my camera (keep your fingers crossed!!) I will send reports from Pittsburgh. Wish you were ALL going! Later


Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's Been Awhile

You may have noticed that I didn't post anything this week. Sorry folks. Been kinda busy. We have 3 of the 5 quilts back from Kari the machine quilter and Leigh Ann and I are sewing on the binding - as you read this. The last 2 will be here on Monday. Everything is falling into place and (fingers crossed and salt thrown over shoulder) I hope to be ready to go to Pittsburgh on Wednesday morning.

Polly and I have had big news this week and we can't wait to spill it. But...... it won't be for a few weeks yet. Sorry, again. Keep watchin' this blog.........

Let's see what I CAN tell you. Amy Bradley has a new blog! We are adding it to the blogroll on the left. Stop by and say "Hey".

Also, I got a gift in the mail today!!!! Pam, of PamKittyMorning fame, is debuting a new purse pattern at Pittsburgh and she made me one. It is out of our new collection, Wiscasset. Isn't it great!!!! When I opened it (and went Ga-Ga over it) I noticed something. It made noise. Inside is a "PamKittyMorning" label and a tiny little cherry jingle bell. And yes, the tiny little cherry jingle bell has a teeny painted smiling face on it. That is Soooooo PamKittyMorning. Thanks Pam!This is the quilt I am binding right now. We are calling it Haberdashery. So, on this Mother's Day eve, I am finishing a quilt that screams "Father's Day." I will post the pattern pictures next week - so keep this one in mind for the men in your life.
I will leave you with this - a link for any Detroit Tiger Fan out there. The rest of you??? Just ignore me and my baseball mania. Ta Ta.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lizzie Likes It

Polly calls her house a "house of props". She isn't wrong. One of her past jobs was as a magazine stylist for both Country Home and Coastal Living. She would work on photo shoots of people's homes and work with the photographer to stage lovely photos. A vase moved there, a chair moved here, and a few hours later you have a pretty picture. Her home was often the scene of these photo shoots and I got to tag along on a few of them. Our books were mostly photographed in her house. Those were a fascinating few days. I watched, took it all in, and made lunch for the crowd. Polly's unique eye and her talent means that her house has lots of picture worthy treasures. She mailed one to me recently. This adorable doll bed is going to help "style" our booth in Pittsburgh. I have worked on a little doll quilt for the last 2 days to adorn it. I am pretty happy with it. Lizzie the cat is charmed by the whole shebang. I believe Lizzie covets this bed. I can hardly blame her. Roscoe Agrees!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Attention Shop Owners!

This post is for any shop owners out there....(tell all your local shop owners about this folks!). Make sure to stop by our Sample Spree table in Pittsburgh and this rug could be yours. With any purchase of patterns from us at Sample Spree you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win this original Polly Minick hooked rug. There will be only 150 entries - tops - so your chances will be pretty good. Polly is so disappointed in missing out on all the fun - she won't be in Pittsburgh ; ( - that she has donated another rug to be raffled off. Just stop by our booth in the convention center and drop off your business card and you could be eligible to win this one.
We hope to see all our old friends - and some new ones too!

Back to work......


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