Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Playing Hooky

Bill and I took the day off today. I have quite a few long days in the near future and Bill is just starting up a new Spring Hockey team. It seemed like a good idea since the next day off will be.... well, I don't know when. We went to a Tiger Baseball game today. It is always fun and today was no different. We won. Big. The score was 9-0 and for an added bonus - whenever the Tigers score 9 runs or more at home - you get a free pizza. A baseball game and a free dinner. Yeah! Here is some of what you see when you go to Comerica Park. This is some of the great architecture there. It is sort of a combination of the great old styles of Detroit's more illustrious periods mixed in with baseball, whimsy, and pure fantasy. There are many huge tigers that prowl all around the park. The main entrance is framed by HUGE baseball bats. My favorite architectural details are the Pewabic pottery tiles that pop up everywhere. Pewabic Pottery is a National Historical Arts and Crafts studio that still makes pottery and tiles today. Everywhere you look there is something marvelous.Once inside and sitting at our seats (first row, upper deck behind first base) this is what you see - a gigantic scoreboard.I won't go on (and on) about the game, but I assure you it was swell. Despite the weather being overcast, cold and windy, we stayed dry and had a relaxing time. We did dress for it. We looked like the Michelin couple. Even more than we usually do. Taking a little stroll around the park - here are just a few more of the wonders.
A carousel that is everything Tiger. There is a Ferris wheel too, but I didn't get over to that today. Lady Liberty even took time to catch the game today.Everybody needs to play hooky once in awhile.

I heard from Dallas today (Moda Headquarters) that we could expect our new fabric line as early as this weekend. Once here, I will be knee deep in fabric and thread until all of our new creations are finished. For the next few weeks it only be baseball on t.v. and not in person. Today was a nice treat.



Kim said...

Sounds like an awesome day!!! And how much FUN is your job? I tell ya...what I wouldn't give! Can't wait to see the new line!!

little acorns said...

Wow - what a ballpark! It looks like a lot of fun! We love baseball here too. . . (my dad used to play!)
I was just mentioning to Anne - of how much farther apart the posts are on designers blogs. . . the closer that it gets to Market (!) Hope you fabrics do arrive for you soon (!) I can't wait to see them (& you!)
xo, Bren

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane! My husband and I enjoyed a number of Tigers games while in Ann Arbor for my graduate work. You are right that it's a great stadium; I always loved the view of downtown from inside the park.

We're fully converted Brewers fans now, but part of us will always still root for the Tigers. It's nice to know that other quilters also get into baseball!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Well there certain is a quilt pattern in those tiles..Sounds like a great day away. The pressure is on for Spring Market that is for sure!


Carrie P. said...

Wow, what a fun day and that sculpture at the park, Awesome.

PamKittyMorning said...

Looks like fun. We ordered our pieces of your fabric, can't wait to get it!! It will be a cool surprise for me. Glad you had fun!

lovetostitch said...

What a great idea, to give yourself a treat with so much coming up. Always great to be refeshed when you jump into a huge project. Really enjoyed the pics, and could see a few quilted items hidden among the architecture!!

Jan PATEK said...

Sounds like an awesome day. Since I'm already confined(I know, weep crocodile tears for me) to home and fabric it was great to see the pictures of the park and carousel. Makes me want to travel. But I do love my new quilts and can't wait to see yours. The travel can wait until after Pittsburg maybe.
Love to read your post.

Dave said...

Thank you for sharing your photos of Pewabic on your Blog. We loved working on Comerica Park. Its nice to know so many people appreciate our endeavors.

Come down and see us next time you are playing hookey.

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