Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm It!

Joanna from Fig Tree Quilts has tagged me. Oy! This is a game ( i.e. dastardly scheme) where a blog tags you and you must tell 6 honest things about yourself - and then pass the game along to other unsuspecting bloggers (suckers!). Seriously, Joanna is a sweetie and I will try to "join in" as she says. So, here are 6 randomly honest things about me in no particular order (or importance).

1. Many moons ago I was once an Anthropology major in college.

2. Up until 8 years ago I did not own a sewing machine. My only sewing machine now is a Singer Featherweight. I initially bought the machine to assist in putting on the bindings - a tough job by hand. I now piece some tops on this machine. So in effect, I made hundreds of quilts - literally - "by hand" for over 25 years.

3. I owe my first job ever and my current job to my sister Polly. Polly was once the Librarian in our small hometown. The job eventually was passed on to our Mother. At the age of 14 I became the Library Assistant. The original library that Polly worked in was about 140 square feet, total. Yes, a freestanding 12' x 12' building. It later became the town jail. Polly of course, is responsible for my current job of "quilter". It was at her suggestion that I make a job out of my hobby.

4. I am not proud to say that my favorite t.v. show is Friends. I know when all of the reruns are on, on all of the channels on our cable service. I can watch them over and over again every day.
I still laugh. I can repeat the dialogue verbatim. I am very ashamed.

5. A couple of years ago, on a dare from Bill, I auditioned for the t.v. show Jeopardy. I took the written test and was invited to travel to Chicago to meet with the producers. They were in Chicago auditioning many of us from the Midwest. I spent the day on Navy Pier with many other geeks taking tests and playing Jeopardy games. I didn't get on the show. Family members told everyone they saw that I was going to be on Jeopardy. Oy! So I say to people who ask about it now that I passed the written test, but failed "poise and personality."

6. My husband drove me crazy even before we met. Let me explain. Years ago, when I was single and living in an apartment in the Old West Side of Ann Arbor, I would be awakened on Sunday mornings by a manic church bell. My brothers,who were alter boys in our small home town once had the bell ringing job when they were kids. The bell rang in our small Catholic church 6 times at 6am; 12 times at noon; and 6 more times at 6pm. It was our brothers job to take care of this since we lived about 2 blocks away. This manic bell ringing, in Ann Arbor, did not follow this direct and sensible route. This bell ringing took place at 10 minutes before the hour, or 5 minutes after. Sometimes it rang 8 times, sometimes 22. Also, my apartment was in somewhat of a acoustical Bermuda triangle. It was at the bottom of a hill and the windows faced a hollowed out bowl of a backyard. Sounds came here to die. I could hear the Michigan Marching Band on Saturday mornings during their practices. It sounded like they were playing in my bathroom. They were over 2 miles away. The bell on Sunday mornings sounded like it was ringing at the foot of my bed. I cursed that bell ringer. Yes, you guessed it, years later when Bill and I were planning the wedding it came out that he rang the bell on Sunday mornings. He was an elder at that church at the time. The fact that this was not a deal breaker must prove we were meant to be.

So, that's it. You know every trivial thing about me. Now it is time to pass this along. I tag Carrie, Pam, Nancy, Anne. That's it. Joanna said I could change the rules, so I only pick 4 instead of 7. If you ladies have already been tagged - in the famous words of Emily Latella - never mind.

P.S. Regarding the question of the irregular bell ringing times.... The bell was rung between services and Sunday School. Some sermons were longer than others I guess. There was also a coffee klatch during this time and Bill got around to ringing the bell - when he got around to it. I asked later why the odd number of rings. He was astounded that anyone would count them. Aaaarrrrghhhhh.



Lisa D. said...

I love Friends too - it's my guilty pleasure show. I bought all the seasons on DVD and watch them while I am sewing. There are some really clever lines!

sewprimitive karen said...

I've never seen Friends, can you believe? My guilty pleasure TV show is Paranormal State. I know it's all true. OK, so your husband was the bellringer, but why was he ringing the bell at all the wrong times? I love how you described the acoustic situation of your apartment!

Minick and Simpson said...
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PamKittyMorning said...

I loved Friends when it was on and many of our fav things to say come from Friends. I'll give this a try soon!

joanna said...

I loved learning random things about you! I love the bell story and used to watch Friends religiously too... so NO SHAME!
Tell Polly she needs to stop giving you career help... but then again it hasn't turned out so bad for you!

talk to you soon,


Carrie P. said...

Fun, thanks for sharing.

Ginny Worden said...

Wow, what fun, thanks for letting us get to know a little more about you.

Laurie Shain said...

I was just don't count your steps do you? Or your stitches???? Just wondering!! I laughed and laughed....what a great post. Thanks. YOU are more normal than you know. (or maybe you are just like everyone else and that's the norm? I can't tell anymore!!) What fun! And you kept the bell ringer, too!

Laurie Shain;

Anonymous said...
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