Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

This is a photo of Lynne Hagmeier's decorating at her Kansas Troubles headquarters. So sweet. She had lots and lots of bunnies and egg type decorating there. I don't have much here. I used to have a collection of vintage deviled egg plates. I don't have them anymore. You know what? Vintage deviled egg plates are hard to display. I only have so many walls (which are usually covered in quilts) and flat surfaces. A couple of years ago I put the whole shebang up on ebay and now someone in Virginia has an extensive deviled egg plate collection. I did keep one.
So, this guy get dusted off and used once a year as are these two.
That's about the extent of the decorating around here. There will be a big meal tomorrow and then back to proofreading future quilt patterns and making quilts. No complaints. The menu tomorrow will be:

Deviled eggs

Baby lettuce salad with vinaigrette

Spiral sliced Ham

Roasted asparagus

Baby redskins, roasted with fresh herbs

and for a nostalgic homage to our childhood - Jello. Confess....does anyone make those Jello dishes that our Mother's and Grandmothers used to make?

And for dessert..... Coconut Cupcakes

Hope all of you have a nice holiday with your loved ones



PamKittyMorning said...

Oh I would totally love some of those cupcakes. But seriously, pass the deviled eggs. Happy Easter.

little acorns said...

Sounds like a lovely meal! (& I love the fact that you include the Jello!)
Your little egg holders are adorable. . . !!!
xo, Bren

pdudgeon said...

i'm boiling my eggs right now!
i love the deviled egg holder and the cute egg cups. those are definitely classics!

Kim said...

I love that egg plate! And yep...every Easter I make a jello ambrosia salad. Yum! :o) Your menu sounds great!

Anonymous said...

My husband is Norwegian. Of course we eat Jello. Nothing with cheese, cottage cheese or mayo though. It has to have fresh whipped cream on it.

Kathy said...

Oh, yes. My Mother in law has made Jello at ALL special occasions since I've known my that's been more than 38 years. She does this pear/jello and cool whip thing that is REALLY good. I guess when you have 8 kids you make Jello!
So, now, for special and even not so special occasion, I, too, make Jello desserts! My boys both called today and asked for recipes...they used to they want to have them, too!

Anonymous said...

Ribbon Jello! It's been an Easter staple in both our families for years!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Are you kidding! The jello dishes from our childhood show up at all events we have!

Deb said...

I just love your egg holders they are gorgeous.. are the 2 singles Occupied Japan?? they are lovely. Have a wonderful family meal on Easter Day

Anonymous said...

Oh Laurie, if you ever decide to let go of your deviled egg dishes PLEASE let me know. My grandmother had one almost identical to yours and it was passed down to my mama when she passed and then passed down to me. We had a fire in our home a few years ago, destroying everything we owned and this was in the house as well. I would love another one so much. Love the little individual chicks....precious. Thank you, Donna Ashworth

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