Saturday, March 28, 2009


I will post a few more pictures of last weekend in Kansas. It was a mighty fine get-together. These are some of the quilts - there were quilts as far as the eye could see. Good ones.Actually there was good stuff all over. Here is part of Lynne's laundry display off the main bathrooms. Can you believe how bad these pictures are? Lynne called me out for taking "unworthy" pictures. I don't know about that. There was tons there to photograph. I just take bad pictures. Unfortunately, your loss. Sorry folks.We had fun and we actually did some work. We all went out antique shopping one day and mostly we were looking for props to style our booths at Quilt Market. Here are Amy Bradley and Alma Allen perusing the stuff. Most of our time was spent talking and sharing ideas and information. Besides being fabric designers for Moda we are almost all self employed business women. It was a think tank of the quilting industry and we all walked away with more tools. Guess what the biggest topic was? Blogs. The couple of us there that have blogs shared our "wisdom". I think the others caught the blog bug. Barbara Brackman has already set up hers. Check it out. Lissa Alexander talked about all the kinds of blogs out there. Business type blogs, personal blogs, etc. I was asked what kind of blog I have and what do I write about. "Nonsense, mostly" I said. Anything that comes out of my head: quilt stuff, family news, and lots of nonsense.

Yesterday after the sad news about Tucker, Bill and I thought we should tell some family and friends. I decided just to post about it on the blog and we have heard from all of you. Thank you family and friends for sharing your stories about Tucker. Thank you to all my new friends out there - most of whom I have never met face to face - for saying kind things. It has meant a lot to us. So, goes to show you - Blogs: The new way to communicate. Look for more Moda talent getting blogs in the near future. I, of course, will keep you posted. Blurry photos and all.



pdudgeon said...

oh i would be in BIG trouble at that antique store. I already see stuff that would have been going home in my little red car. Those quilts are breathtaking! i so love traditional patterns for quilts, and those are exactly as you describe---marvelous!

ps. my 'word' for verification is 'wortude'. if we were coining new words, that would be a good one!

mamabug said...

Loved your post today but was really sorry to hear about your Tucker. I'm afraid we will be dealing with the same thing soon and our Abby has been a part of our family her whole 14 year life. I just can't imagine our home without deepest sympathy. Kathie
Also I loved that pdudgeon, the last comment, wrote about the word for verification. I love it when mine sounds like something I would say too :) today it's bacer. I think that would be someone that races to get on base :)

Nancy in MT said...

Laurie, I'm so sorry to hear about Tucker, I know you will miss your walks with him.

I'm enjoying your pics from the retreat and don't see one thing wrong with them, just glad to have you share. Nancy

Anonymous said...

I would love to sleep in one of those beds! Especially the one with the tiny pinwheels with the pink setting squares. The pics look great to me. Thanks for sharing. I am inspired!

PamKittyMorning said...

I'm still green with envy about your trip. Can't wait to see all the new blogs.

And can't wait to see you in PA!!!

Kathy said...

I wish I had a shop so I could meet all of you in Pittsburgh...You will all be so close, yet so far away. sigh....

It's fun to read the designer blogs. I feel more inclined to buy your fabric and make your patterns since I know how and why you came up with your ideas. Reading your blogs pushes me more to finish so I can make more of what's new!

And, we get previews and prizes as a bonus!

Anonymous said...
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