Friday, March 27, 2009

4 Winners!

Thanks, everyone for commenting! It sure seems there are a lot of suspicious looking quilters and rug hookers skulking around airports. I can't really complain. Security does have a job to do and I WAS carrying "weapons." Thanks too for commenting on your treasures and the treasures I came back with from Kansas. Did I tell you about Susan's treasure. Susan works at Moda in Dallas and joined in on our fun. She brought her refurbished Featherweight. It is a non-working Featherweight that she had enamel painted - purple. Cool. It is now just for admiring. Very nice.

Okay, now down to business. The winners are: Mimi; Kim H; Meghann Stephens; Tracy.

The winners were picked by the random generator at Email me here ladies and you will get a Moda Pre-cut and something special from the treasures. Thanks.

Just a reminder people......10 days until Opening Day. Be there or be square.


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Mimi said...

I forgot to mention!!! I am so excited to be a winner. Thank you so much!!!!

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