Friday, February 20, 2009

OP Blocks

I gave it the old college try. This is my orange and turquoise version. Here is the second block.
The same orange in the center with a red and yellow print on the outside and a stronger red in the sashing. See..... all you red, it's a slippery slope. I will have you all converted to orange people in no time. This is the last block. I used much of the same color scheme as in my Fiesta quilt. The lighting is a little hinky, though. Yes, it's a word!! I couldn't get it quite right. Maybe, tomorrow out in the sunlight I will get a better picture.Happy Blog Hopping Everyone!



Kathleen said...

Hi, Just found your blog through Pat's challenge. I think your orange is great. I am looking thru my stach but have not found orange yet....might walk next door and ask my neighbor if she has orange. Kathy from The Blig Blog

Anonymous said...

awesome blocks... you did GREAT!!!

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