Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mystery Quilt

Another day, another box from Moda on my porch. I am not complaining! I'm not sure what to make of this one. Did it come to the right address? Is it a class example? Is it a salesman sample? Is it a gift? Whatever it is - it's marvelous. Someone made a quilt out of the cheater cloth we designed for Flag Day Farm. The fabric is named "Polly's Quilt" as it is an exact copy of an antique quilt of Polly's. She had the top for awhile and asked me to hand quilt it a few years ago. This antique quilt appeared in the Christmas Country Home issue a couple of years ago.
Can you tell which one is the antique quilt and which one is the cheater cloth? Can you tell which picture was taken by a professional photographer and which one was taken by me about 10 minutes ago?? My biased opinion??? - this is the best cheater cloth quilt EVER. Bravo, whoever is responsible. Actually, even though I don't know who is responsible, Brava is probably more appropriate. Those Moda elves never sleep.
In the first photo there is another cheater cloth quilt I am working on in the quilting hoop. It is the Bandanna Fabric from Flag Day Farm. My thought this weekend (way before I saw this mystery quilt today) was to hand quilt four bandanna sections, cut them apart and make 4 pillows. Serendipity. Or is it another coincidence? Just sayin........

I am feeling rather light headed today. I can't get over myself. I am "Queen for a Day" over at Pat Sloan's blog.
Make sure you catch it tomorrow as it will be Polly's turn on the throne. Thanks Pat.

Okay, I have had a request as to the yardage needed to make the quilt. The new quilt measures 68" x 90". So you would need two lengths of 90" - 5 yards. But.... that doesn't take into account how the design lies on your 5 yards (does one of the motifs get cut in half?) So - I would get 6 yards to make sure. The zigzag border is on the selvage of the yardage (already there!!!). There is a red square in each corner - so a red solid fat quarter will do it. The Moda elf who made this has the circled star motif 5 stars x 7 stars. Thanks for asking.



Holly's Street said...

Now you and Polly have matching quilts!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Just beautiful! This is definitely a winner.

Carrie P. said...

The quilts are so cool and it was fun to read the interviews on Pat's blog.

T.C. Perkins said...

That is a crazy hat! I always buy oranges but I wouldn't be caught dead in that orange hat!

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