Monday, February 16, 2009

Coincidences - Part II

Thanks for the emails and comments about the Coincidences post. It seems I hit a nerve. They occur in groups, don't they? They sure do! Bill reminded me of the story of his sisters Mary and Margie. They are about 1 year apart and have always been accused of being twins. Their resemblance has gotten stronger as the years go by. A couple of years ago when Margie flew to Florida to visit Mary, they discovered as she disembarked the plane, that she and Mary (who was waiting for her at the gate) had worn the exact same clothes. Shirt, slacks, and jacket. Three pieces. Purchased 1400 miles apart. There is a photo somewhere commemorating the occurrence. I don't have that picture, but they looked like the Doublemint twins :)
Polly and I talk on the phone daily about business, quilts, rugs, and whatever. Saturday, when we were talking I told her about a jacket I purchased the day before. I was shopping for some Valentines Day gifts and I bought something for myself. I described it. She said "I bought it too." Yes, also 1400 miles apart and within two days, we purchased the same jacket. Why are we surprised? We often like the same things. We both LOVE this jacket. This particular jacket is sort of unusual. Anyone who knows us would not think "Minick and Simpson" when they see this jacket. Polly declined to model it for you. Me too (although I do look fabulous in it!!). I will let the model from the Ralph Lauren website model it for you. Here it is.
I guess I just don't know what to say about it, except that maybe we both have a little spring fever.


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