Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Cold Is It?

It is sold cold that Tucker wanted a short walk today. It is zero degrees here in Ann Arbor with a wind chill of 5-10 below. It is a crisp, clear, sunny day but Tucker made it only about 10 minutes. Admittedly, it is kind of tough to walk on the snow with only 3 feet. He would walk about 10-15 yards with one foot in the air, switch feet, then walk about another 15 feet. If he could figure out how to walk without any of his feet touching the ground we would still be out there. Poor guy.

It is so cold that I am "in for the day" and am happy about it. No errands or grocery shopping. Just me and the finishing touches on the taxes. AND I am happy about it. I will put on a kettle for a pot of tea, turn on itunes on the computer and have at it. It is a very good day to be inside. Dinner will have to be made with what I have on hand. I am going to make Pasta Puttanesca. Nothing like some hot and spicy comfort food to warm you up. The last time I made Pasta Puttanesca, Bill asked me what the name meant. I told him. He accused me of making it up. How could I make something like that up?

It is so cold that Polly and I are eagerly awaiting our next shipment of fabric from Moda - our 2009 Christmas collection - "Jingles". It's FLANNEL! We have lots and lots of things to make, first of which is flannel pajamas. Yeah!



Sherri said...

Oh I saw "Jingles" on the Fat Quarter Shop "coming soon" looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was exciting for me. We received a huge box from Moda stuffed full of Flag Day Farm jelly rolls, charms, layer cakes and those adorable honey buns! I've already planned my next quilt with those honey buns. You two have a real hit with this collection. Thank you. Well done.

dixie said...

Ok...I give up! What does Pasta Puttanesca mean or have in it!
Can't wait to see Jingles!!!

Auntie Pami said...

Oooh, that means my Flag Day Farm is on the way? and, I have some QOV's to make!

MAQuilts said...

"puttanesca" is the Italian word for a "lady of the evening". Pasta puttanesca is basically pasta served with a sauce made from leftovers in the fridge or pantry staples. Ham, veggies, cheese, etc... When the "lady" is done with her work, the markets are closed and she has to make do with what she has on hand! And I agree - how COULD you make something like that up?

Mary Anne in Sunny (81 degrees today) San Diego!

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