Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Booty

Well, the dust has settled and we are in recovery stage. Lorelei is back in Dallas and we are all back from Virginia. Our holiday was wonderful with Polly, Tom, and Annie the dog with Polly's sons and grandchildren in Virginia. Oh, how I wish I could post lots and lots of great photos and videos, but fate did not cooperate. My camera was never unpacked as I was filming everything with my new pocket video camera. It is freakishly easy to use and I was a cinematographer in no time. Alas, after consultation with the Geek Squad - it seems I cannot load these videos to emails or to this blog. The blame lies with my "wimpy" server. That is a direct quote from the Geek that serviced my computer yesterday. Just take my word for it. A good time was had by all. Here is some of the swag that I got on Christmas morning. Everyone knows how I love visual stimuli and I must have been very good indeed this year.I can recommend all of these! The first, "Where Women Create" is a look at many artist studios and the artwork they create. So inspiring! Next is a lovely little book from Australia chock full of wonderful needlework for Christmas. After that is the latest from Ina Garten - the barefoot contessa. Bill looked through this one and he is VERY excited about the possibilities. On the bottom left is "When the Cold Wind Blows" the latest from our friends - Blackbird Designs. Oh the quilts........ Next is something Polly and I picked up in NYC - "Flea Market Style". Lots of good visual stimulation there. Lastly is "Forties Fabrics" given to me by Lorelei. A book about vintage fabric - no explanation needed. Assuming I have any down time in the next couple of months - I won't have far to look for something to read. Thank you everyone!
Tonight, after the hockey game in Wrigley Field between the Red Wings and the Blackhawks (How cool!!!), Bill and I are going to try our hand at homemade granola bars from Ina's book. Bill is a granola bar fan - me..... not so much. I will post a photo if it turns out.



Anonymous said...

I have several of the books you showed and love the one "Where Women Create" ans well as Ina's book. I'm anxious to hear how the granola bars go. Happy New Year!

PamKittyMorning said...

Ohh I love those books, I have a couple myself. Hope 2009 is wonderful for you and I look forward to seeing you agin soon at Spring market!

Lindenhaus said...

Oh, I just love books for Christmas! I received two generous Amazon gift certificates for Christmas and had the most wonderful time perusing all the craft and decorating books and then finally ordering eleven of them. It will be like Christmas all over again to receive them in the mail! Looking forward to reading what you post in 2009! Happy New Year to you and Polly!

Carrie P. said...

Really nice book. I would love to look in the 40's book. I just ordered When the Cold Wind Blows. Can't wait to get it. Happy New Year.

Carrie said...

Happy 2009 Laurie!

You've got some of my favorite books! If Barb and Alma didn't invent the concept of "eye candy", they sure perfected it ~ their book is gorgeous. And Where Women Create is one of my favorites. Have you seen the new quarterly magazinne of the same name? It's terrific. And Ina's book is wonderful ~ I've made a few things from the book and everything is excellent.

As for the hockey game, that was excellent. I love that the NHL is going to make the outdoor games an annual event.

Lindenhaus said...

I forgot to mention that I ordered my second book by Minick and Simpson with some of my Amazon loot. Can't wait to receive it!

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