Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New York - Day 2

Yes, these are peonies in December at Dean and Delucca. We stopped in this morning on our way to some appointments. The pastries were almost as beautiful. This shop in Soho is inspiring too.
After business and hours of walking we came upon Gemma in the Bowery. It's a lovely european cafe and a nice spot to watch the world go by. This is the delicious concoction of a rustic apple tart with olive oil gelato. It sounded so interesting we had to order it. Boy, I tell you.... this alone is worth a trip to the city.

Next we headed over to Chelsea and visited the City Quilter. This is a must stop. Lots and lots of fabric and inspiration. Polly is checking out this display of American Primer. We didn't even have to bribe them to display it so nicely : )

Here are some more of City Quilter's wares.

Finally over to Macy's to check the windows and decorations. This is the entranceway.

On the first floor in cosmetics they had the Waterford crystal ball that drops in Time Square on New Years Eve.

We love the decorations at Macy's.

More tomorrow........


happy zombie said...

What a magical trip to NYC! Loved the photos/virtual field trip. Especially loved seeing the City Quilter pics... what a beautiful shop - and how exciting it must have been to see the beautiful display of your fabrics.

PamKittyMorning said...

I continue to be pea green with envy!

pdudgeon said...

oh my!!!(jaw drop)
I'll take one of everything, LOL!

Auntie Pami said...

Wow, isn't NY pretty! Have an H&H Bagel for me!

Carrie P. said...


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