Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The City That Never Sleeps

Dinner Last night was fabulous! We went to Tao. Tao of Page Six fame and the hot spot for all those young people. Our food was fantastic and the decor is awesome - a 50 foot Buddha among the diners for example. There were many young people out mingling - but us, the sedate white hairs just dined and watched. Polly and I recommend and it will be on our list to visit again. Alas, no photos of the Buddha survived. Above, this was our view on our after dinner walk. They will light the Christmas tree tonight and we will do our best to get a photo of it for you people (after the show). Our final stop was to the Rainbow Room to get a late night jolt of caffeine and this view of the Empire State Building. We are now off to some appointments and more window shopping. TaTa
Laurie & Polly

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ksoltys said...

Sounds like you gals are having a blast. Wish I were there, too! I love your latest fabric collection--terrific! Have fun shopping and taking in all the sites.

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