Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Decorating

Polly sent over some pictures of her decorating. No one decorates like Polly and these pictures are as identifiable to her as her DNA. We will both be away from our homes on the 25th, so decorating is a bit more low key this year.
We finally had the time to get out the decorations this weekend. One of our strings of lights is fried, so Bill will pick up another one on his way home from Hockey. The tree trimming will take place later tonight. Other than the tree and some quilts - not much else is done here either. I did find this in New York last week and had to have it. It is the Empire State Building covered in German glass glitter. I still can't decide if it is cool or kitsch, but I still had to have it. I wish I could take a better picture of it.
Below is a kit we are offering at our website - We got the last of the Prairie Paisley Jelly Rolls from the Moda warehouse and have kitted them into this. Supplies are limited. We hope your decorating and tree trimming is going splendidly.


Carrie P. said...

Pretty decorations even though you are not putting out very many.

Kim said...

Minimal is still beautiful! :o) Love the look! And the glittery Empire State Building...I'd have bought it too! ;o) Great quilt as well!

SheilaS said...

Pretty quilts! Is that one of your patterns? Also Polly's decorations are lovely.

sandi said...

Love those white stockings, Polly! Did you make those?? Nobody does white as wonderfully as you do! Merry Christmas....sandi in texas

Mabel and Edgars Early Goods said...

Love the Christmas simple and beautiful.

Minick and Simpson said...
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Minick and Simpson said...

Regarding the stockings - they were made by my friend and "helper" who helps me hem my rugs and sews the ticking binding on my linens - she is the best! She did make them from our Prairie Paisley (and Winter) fabric, and the cotton lace that we love - is a Moda home product. I also like how they turned out!

sandi said...

Polly - what would I need to ask a shop to see if they carry your fabrics - ask for minick, simpson moda?? we've got a couple of good quilt shops in town but unsure exactly what to look for - thanks! sandi

Minick and Simpson said...


The fabric the stocking were made with is Prairie Paisley 12206-40. It is a jacquard woven. We have the same fabric in Winter - but it is white and not cream. Thanks


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