Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pillow Fever

You have noticed the blog entry below with the picture of the lovely cross-stitched pillow from Blackbird Designs. Polly is gathering fabric and vintage buttons to make a version for herself. I have been thinking of making new sofa pillows ever since that last shipment of fabric from Moda arrived. They are the wovens from our recently debuted line in Houston - Flag Day Farm. Here is a photo of me unpacking the boxes.
Once I found a great book on Amazon - "The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers" - I decided to try. There are step by step photos of each step in making any kind of slipcover, including zippered pillowcases. Did I mention I have never put in a zipper before? Well, it went pretty well. I am going to borrow a friends serger to go over the inside seam to reinforce them. Here is the covered cording.
Oh, and I recycled the down from the old sofa pillows. THAT was fun. The back yard looks like some sort of poultry horror movie.
And lastly, here is my first pillow - one half of the refashioned sofa. Wish me luck on the next ones. Laurie


Cherie said...

Laurie, is this red stripe part of your fabric line? I love this! How wide is it?

lovetostitch said...

LOL!!!! Thanks for the very vivid memory of trying to reuse feathers from one of my pillows, only I wasn't so smart to go in the yard.....You should have seen the garage - YIKES!!!! Are you just doing the pillows or undertaking the whole sofa?? Is "good luck" in order? Love all your wovens too!! In fact - I have a winged chair covered in the blue stripe from I believe the Hamptons line (someone else did it for me) and also the bench at the foot of my bed (I did). I should take a pic for you!! Good luck, but you wont need it, you all ready have zippers down!!

PamKittyMorning said...

Ohhh that looks so good. Love that fresh opened box of fabric. Love the whole feathery image.. you continue to TOTALLY CRACK ME UP.

Mabel and Edgars Early Goods said...

I love all of the new fabrics.I am not a quilter or do i sew but where can I find all of those great fabrics?Michelle

Minick and Simpson said...


Yes, the red stripe will be available in February. It comes in 2 widths - 45" yardage and 16" wide toweling. I used the yardage, but I could have used the toweling since this particular pillow is 15" tall. Look for it in February in the Flag Day Farm collection. Thanks for asking. Laurie

Carrie said...

A poultry horror movie? That is the most hilariously perfect description of it!

And, let me guess, after re-purposing that down, you told yourself that you're never doing that again! But then you go price new down pillow inserts for your new pillows... and after a few minutes, you start thinking that maybe it wasn't as bad as you remember. :)

The new pillow is beautiful! I think I may need some of that ticking... and some new pillows.

Tammy said...

That is a funny! Can't wait to see the new line!

Vicki Bellino said...

As always, I love your new line! The wovens are a wonderful compliment to "Flag Day Farm".

Nancy in MT said...

I love that fabric, and I you did a wonderful job on the pillow, I wouldn't have a clue even with instructions. I put my used stuffings? outside and watch the squirrels make nests out of it. Too funny to see these white nests in all the trees.

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