Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mysterious Visitor

Last night while I was piecing a new quilt on my Featherweight and while Bill was watching a ball game, the doorbell rang. Bill answered it and said "Bunny here for you". I said "what?" and he said "Bunny here." Sure enough, no one on the porch except this little guy. There was NOBODY, anywhere that we could see. (Note.... I couldn't get to my camera in time so this guy is "googled". Seriously though, him, or someone just exactly like him was on our porch). He just looked at us and sniffed. Bill has a theory that my Featherweight was plugged into a wall that is on the same circuit as the doorbell, thus the ring. He also has a theory that a neighbor has their garage door opener on the same frequency as our doorbell. I have another theory....... I haven't worked it all out yet, but in involves pamkittymorning and possibly Anne of Bunny Hill designs..... Just saying.



Brenis said...

Oh now that's pretty darn funny Laurie!!! Your husband's reaction was hilarious! I'm thinking if you were on the same circuit w/ your sewing machine, it would have rang over and over long before mr. bunny showed up! LOL!! Keep us posted on whether or not you figure out your theory!! :D
xo Bren

PamKittyMorning said...

Hey, now you're on to us!!!

Kwiltsfl said...

At least the bunny was cute! I just hope the alligators don't start ringing doorbells down here in FL! :-)


Anne Sutton said...

I heard about your post and had to come over! You are so funny!

Nancy in MT said...

That is way too funny, wildlife ringing your doorbell, what a sense of humour your husband has.

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