Saturday, October 25, 2008

Market Day One

Well, first of all I want to thank "Mar" for the photography tip. The flash really helped. I am giving up on trying to figure out how to move the photos in this format so all the pic's are bunched up at the top. I will try to explain them. But first, we had a great day and we are done in. Our feet HURT and our ears are ringing. But we wouldn't miss this for anything.

First of all we have the delicious Fig Tree offerings. Next is Elizabeth and the infamous Pamkittymorning. The photo of the big room is the Moda dinner. I think there must have been close to 2000 people. It was packed! (Really - this was taken right after the doors opened) Next is a wonderful baby basket designed by Tina Givens. Following that is the supurb Blackbird Designs' booth. Polly has her sights on that pillow. The quilt in our booth (with the horses) is called "3 Brother's Farm". Next is a great quilt by Late Bloomer using our American Primer fabric. Lastly is Polly's rug. Thanks to everyone who let us bother them for these pics. More to follow tomorrow. And yes, those are pillowcases on the line.



Dandelion Quilts said...

Looks like we are missing out on a lot of fun!

Sherri said...

Thank you sooo much for these pictures...I think yours are about the only ones being posted straight from market!

Mar said...

ooo love Pam and Elizabeth! And Blackbird another favorite. You took the perfect pictures!

Abby and Stephanie said... wonderful to actually be there. Lovely things but that rug is amazing.

Judy said...

It's easy to move around the pictures. Load them all in there and then one by one click on the picture to "grab" it and hold down the mouse and move it down to where you want it placed and let go to "drop" it in the right location.
You can tell where it's going to locate by watching for the blinking cursor mark like when you are typing.

Hope that helps. Love the pictures!

Judy said...

I forgot to say, you should do this when you are in the compose tab. Up to the right hand top you will see 2 tabs, one for compose and one for HTML. Moving pics is easy when you are in compose.

Nancy in MT said...

You are doing such a great job with the pics Laurie, who cares where they end up, it's too much fun seeing everyone's booth.

sandi said...

Laurie - wonderful pictures from market! Your booth is grand - love Polly's rug!! And, I'm right there with Polly in loving that Blackbird pillow - is it stitched, printed, a pattern??? Ready-made for purchase would sure be nice :-)
Thanks for letting us in on the eye candy! sandi in texas

PamKittyMorning said...

You guys could not crack me up more! I love meeting up with you again at market. I have some fun photos.. and that one crazy one of Gina... hilarious.

Wish we were all local to hang out and sew and hook and have fun.

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