Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hanging Out

Fall is here in all of it's glory. I tried to get a few pictures on my walk with Tucker this morning, but this is the only one in focus before the rain started. This is actually the view out of our back door. While some of the news here in Michigan is a little dreary, we do have something that is the envy of many - the Fall color change. It really is everything they say it is. This weekend should be wonderful. Bill's sister Mary is up from Miami this week. She tries to get here every year around this time.
Actually, this one could also be in a little bit better focus too. Oh well. You will notice my clothesline right in the middle of the shot. I might be the only one in the city proper that still has a clothesline. Mostly it is used to hang quilts to dry or photograph, but I do like to hang bed linen to dry also. You can't beat it. But.... the clothesline is coming down in a day or so. You see, Polly and I have a vision for our booth in Houston that includes a clothesline and antique clothes pins (yes, there really is such a thing!). No sparkly clean new clothesline will do. Our clothesline must be aged and dingy. We will go to any length to bring you folks the the real deal. Happy Fall everyone! Hey, the sun is out - here is a better view.



mamabug said...

You are so all American and wholesome with your clothesline :) I too have one and LOVE to get into my bed with clean sheets hung outside!!! Your setting is beautiful and the trees are gorgeous with their golden and red leaves. Happy Autumn to you too. Kathie

Carrie P. said...

I don't have a clothesline any more but I did when my kids were little and I was washing cloth diapers. Isn't fall a beautiful time of year!?

Vicky said...

I can't wait to hear about what you guys are cooking up for Houston! I already know I want one of everything!

Kwiltsfl said...

That is the one thing I miss about the Mid-west since moving to FL - the changing leaves and crisp fall weather! I love to see photos of the changing leaves - thanks!


Nancy in MT said...

Oh, I love your property, such beautiful colors in the leaves and your house. I can't wait to see pictures of your booth at Market.

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