Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 2

Congratulations to our colleagues Barb and Alma of Blackbird Designs for winning the best booth award here in Houston. As we passed their booth 2 days ago we gave them our endorsement. They just do "beautiful" so well. The pillowcase in their booth - not the red and white one here on the right - is cross-stitched. It's divine. The red one here is our cheater cloth with Moda's spiffy crochet trim attached. Oh, and congrats to Lynn at Kansas Troubles for winning the 2nd place booth. What can we say -our friends and neighbors are the best of the best.
To the left here (assuming the pictures load like I am seeing here.... OY!) is some new Moda home products. Can you tell that we love them? OK, what else can we tell you? We will say our sides hurt from laughing so much. More to follow....
Hi - Well the days are long, but fun and lots of time to chat with fellow designers and to meet our loyal customers. We are happy that they all seem to love the new collection and are buying it with many great projects in mind. They all come to market with lots of ideas about what their customers will like and what they want to make. Gosh you find out lots chatting to shop owners. If you missed this market try to make the next one in PA --if you have never attended a market - put it on your "must do" list.
More tomorrow - write if you want us to check something out - it takes about three days to cover all the market.


debbie said...

It all looks so inspiring! It would be mind boggling, though, to be around such an abundance of talent!! (probably not for you guys!) Looks like pillowcases are popular ~ love yours! Is there a pattern for the Blackbird cross stitch one? Have fun, love the pics-thanks!

Robin C said...

one of my favorites is Lynette Anderson Designs from Australia-go check her out and I'd love info/pics of the Blackbird Designs cross stitch pillowcases.

Kwiltsfl said...

Agreed - the Blackbird Designs cross stitch pillowcase is beautiful - would like to know if it is a pattern.

Which booth picture is at the end of your post? Is it American Jane?


Carrie said...

Barb and Alma paid off the judges -- just like always! YOU should have won! :)

Blackbird always has a beautiful booth -- my favorite is still the stacked mattresses they did a while back. Can you get a picture of their booth? And, more importantly, can you get a picture of this cross-stitch pillow that "someone" is coveting?

And, the important question -- is "she" going to go home with that pillow?

Tammy said...

OH I just love the kids tables & fabrics, Dick & Jane?

Sinta Renee said...

Mmmmm... thanks for all the eye candy you have been proviing of Quilt Market! You showed my Designer "fav 5's"! (and I got a first sighting of a quilt that I worked on for Fig Tree). Your booth looked great!

Carrie P. said...

Love seeing the booths. Thanks for sharing. It is so inspirational.

lovetostitch said...

I have really enjoyed seeing the show thru your eyes and find myself oooooing and ahhhing over them all – is there enough hours in a day, days in a week, and weeks in month to complete all the “gotta haves”???? Can’t wait now to see it all at the shops – Congrats on your booth, very well done also!!

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