Monday, September 15, 2008

Polly and Laurie Do South Beach!

Polly and I are in South Beach doing a little business and a little sightseeing. I have been wanting to see these Art Deco gems for a long time and I wasn't disapointed. We took these pictures on a disposable camera while we were on a little walk last night after dinner. We had a fantastic dinner at Devito's. Yes, that DeVito. Danny and Rhea were no where to be seen. We stayed at a lovely little chic hotel built in the 1920's called Park Central. The beds were to die for and we happily recommend. This was the pool. What a nice getaway. There were so many lovely things to see. I will post some more tomorrow!

Everything is more exotic in South Beach - even the mannequins. Laurie

Here are a couple more pictures....

South Beach makes me think of quilts that are geometric and pastel..... hmmmm...... Take care everyone, especially all of you in Texas and Louisiana.


Mar said...

Oh MY! Have fun!

Tammy said...

Those Mannequins don't look like they would be stable in a hurricane!

Have fun gals!

Brenis said...

hee hee the mannequins!! I think that's the first time i have seen such a well developed one! :-o

Carrie P. said...

Are you sure that was a mannequin? I have never ever seen one built like that. Too funny!

lovetostitch said...

Looks lovely and inviting, the pool and hotel that is. Those manequins though....???? are people really built that way??
BTW - wish you had said South Beach where..........?

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