Friday, September 26, 2008

Hidey Hole

Hey everyone! Nothing much going on around here, just working on finishing some quilts. It is looking like a fabulous weekend and I hope to get an early start tomorrow and make it to the local Farmer's Market. We are so lucky to have a great one here in Ann Arbor. Meanwhile I am listening to audiobooks and working on finishing some quilts. Roscoe is having his usual laid back weekend. He's a strange one.... he's the only cat we have that likes to be covered up by a quilt. The other critters just like to be on top of one. He even likes to lay under one when it is on the wall. Have a good weekend people!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It Doesn't Look Very Exciting, Does it?

Everything around here has been "hurry up and wait". Polly and I have much to do to get ready for quilt market next month, but the more urgent the need, the more we have to wait. Our main goal is to get patterns ready to show shop owners. After designing the quilt or rug we then have help from our valued colleagues Lisa, Luanne, and Leigh Ann. Lisa puts our ideas and graphics into computerese so the printer can print it. Luanne binds Polly's rugs along with other sundry sewing needs, and Leigh Ann machine pieces at supersonic speed. We were in limbo with a quilt pattern this week awaiting the final proofreading (read: actually making the quilt from the written directions). We were waiting for the wonderful delivery of "New Fabric" from Moda. Well, it was delivered yesterday afternoon!! Blocks have been pieced and all the fabric cut and it is looking great. Before the arrival of my UPS man I started to "proofread" the pattern using scraps I had on hand. The good news is that the final pieced and appliqued blocks will fit together perfectly (lots of applique for all you "A word" fans). The bad news is that THIS quilt is less than spectacular. It was a successful proofreading exercise, but it doesn't look like much, does it? It did prove that our math was correct and that's good. Imagine all those big blocks actually being neutral fabrics covered with lots of applique. Polly suggested that nothing will go to waste, so this, and all of our "proofreading" tops will be donated to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Project. We will get it quilted, and get it on it's way. Proofreading is highly underrated.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hey, everyone. Polly and I took a little break yesterday and did some sewing and tv viewing therapy. We watched bad movies and hooked and sewed. Here is Polly's finished Chippewa Nine Patch quilt with the measuring tape binding. We Like It! It is back to work today and maybe we'll have a little more tv therapy this evening. Keep in touch everyone.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Polly and Laurie Do South Beach!

Polly and I are in South Beach doing a little business and a little sightseeing. I have been wanting to see these Art Deco gems for a long time and I wasn't disapointed. We took these pictures on a disposable camera while we were on a little walk last night after dinner. We had a fantastic dinner at Devito's. Yes, that DeVito. Danny and Rhea were no where to be seen. We stayed at a lovely little chic hotel built in the 1920's called Park Central. The beds were to die for and we happily recommend. This was the pool. What a nice getaway. There were so many lovely things to see. I will post some more tomorrow!

Everything is more exotic in South Beach - even the mannequins. Laurie

Here are a couple more pictures....

South Beach makes me think of quilts that are geometric and pastel..... hmmmm...... Take care everyone, especially all of you in Texas and Louisiana.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


One of the many perks Polly and I have as Moda Fabric Designers are the little gems that sometimes get released with our fabric collections. This is the Prairie Paisley Twill Tape that came out this year. It was Polly's idea and it is a great one. This heavy, wonderful twill tape has been appearing in lots of our photos and in some of our projects. The above picture was taken when they took the pictures for the Country Home issue this summer. The salesman sample size mannequin is pretty wonderful too. It has become one of our favorite props. We know that come holiday time, lots of gifts will be tied up with this tape. My friend Leigh Ann has made a children's growth chart using it. I have been binding quilts with it. It's grand. I do pre-wash it as it shrinks a bit. I just toss it in the washer in a regular wash and I add a dye magnet. I then put it in the dryer and it is ready to go. I am getting a hand sewing project ready for my upcoming trip. Sewing binding on is great hand work. This is Prairie Paisley fabric and our Chippewa Nine Patch pattern. Can't wait! Laurie

Ok- there have been some questions as to HOW I bind the quilts...... First, you don't have to prepare the twill tape as it has finished edges. I top stitch just inside the navy edge on the BACKSIDE of the quilt. Then you turn the other side over to the front and hand sew. Basically, just the opposite of how you usually put on binding. I also sew the back side just a scant 1/4" so when the tape is turned over to the front the white and red stripes show on the front - along with the cool measurement marks. The quilts I have used this technique on are hanging at Lake Street Mercantile. I will try to post a picture of the finished binding soon. Thanks for asking! Laurie

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Bathroom Re-Do

As Laurie said, she was waiting on a post - well it has taken much longer than I expected - sorry. We have done a face lift on one of our bathrooms, and it is finally finished. Now if I can post the photos, but not to worry, if I cannot, Laurie can. I am pretty good at coming up with the ideas - and that is where it ends for me - everyone else takes over. When we purchased here, this bath had gold everywhere and you know that is not me, so in trying to rid the bath of gold - we ended up with more plumbing work than you would think. Changed the shower door; added bead board, and this weekend Tom took over and painted for me. We just hung the rugs, and a few other goodies - I especially love the World War I poster! Take a look, so much fun when you think about it, when it is done - you are truly sick of it all. Now it is finished. So back to finishing my rug...


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Something's in the Air

Roscoe hates to have his picture taken. Every time I get the camera out he runs as if it is the cat carrier (and he knows that means the Vet!). There is a touch of fall in the air here. The quilt is "School Girls Glen" made with our upcoming fabric collection - "American Primer." Roscoe is anticipating a posting by Polly. He can't wait.


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