Sunday, August 24, 2008

Winners and other Stuff

It has been a wonderful weekend here in Ann Arbor. Bill and I, with no pressing plans, went to a matinee on Saturday. We went to the magical Michigan Theater and saw Man On Wire. I loved it, as did Bill and if it plays anywhere near you, make plans to see it. It is a documentary about the French artist Phillipe Petit who walked on a tight rope strung between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1974. It sounds rather dry doesn't it? It isn't. It plays more like a "caper" movie or a spy thriller than a subtitled documentary. That, and a study about an obsessed genius. We were lucky enough to watch it from the first row of the balcony - our favorite place at the Michigan. Too bad the organist did not play yesterday; it seems he must have had the afternoon off. Treat yourself if you are ever in the area to see a movie or a live show at the Michigan.

This morning we extended our revelry in all things "Ann Arbor" and had breakfast at Zingerman's Deli. If you have never been to, or heard of Zingerman's - well let's just say it is the best of the best. Bill took his book of Sudoku puzzles and I took the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living and we had a leisurely meal of a breakfast BLT (which we split), a sweet roll (which we also split) and a fantastic concoction called "The Dirty Sheed." Oh, it was good - 2 shots of espresso, a splash of pure vanilla extract, a shot of half and half, all poured over a large glass of ice. Heaven on an August morning. If you are ever within a few hours drive of Zingerman's - make the attempt to go. You will not be sorry. Both Bill and I are grateful that these treasures are so convenient for us. I'm sure you have treasures close to you that you love. Tell us about them!

After that, it was off to hockey practice for Bill and back to quilting for me. It's been wonderful.

OH!!..... Yes, the winner - it is Carrie P. Carrie - email me from the contact page at (here) You are the winner of a spool of Prairie Paisley twill tape!


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lovetostitch said...

Yay, Carrie P.!!

Laurie, Sounds like a wonderful time and a nice relaxing way to start the day and week end!! ahh!

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