Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thanks for Helping

Laurie and I would like to update you on our third successful Semper Fi kit that was introduced in Country Home magazine in July. We are honored to have Moda Fabrics and Country Home help us with our goal to raise funds for the troops injured in combat. The idea for these kits came about with my son Col. James J. Minick USMC was deployed to Fallujah, Iraq three years ago. He was again deployed to Ramadi shortly thereafter and his commitment to injured Marines does not waver. It was something he asked me and his aunt Laurie to do to help - and he knew once I put my mind to it - we could make a difference. In the initial project Moda Fabrics/United Notions donated all the patriotic totes to hold the kits. After selling out of this, Moda donated 300+ kits to the cause and you quickly made these a sellout. Our current project, Patriotic Checkers, sold out in within one day. This has prompted us to introduce kit #4 this fall. You can sign up for kit #4 now on our website www.minickandsimpson.com. During this endeavor we have had some pretty impressive and heartfelt emails from families helped by Semper Fi Injured Marines Fund and from folks who were just thankful for our efforts. All of the correspondence has moved us and keeps us committed. We thought you would like to read a pretty impressive email that we received from the field. Thanks to all of you who continue to support this effort.


I have 28 years of military service (Air Force/Reserve/Guard) and have been to Iraq twice. I'd LOVE to be on the list to get a kit. I'm an anesthesiologist ( and flight surgeon) and took care of many of our proud men and women. The picture is of Heroes Highway. When our brave wounded arrive at the Hospital at Balad Air Base, the trip from the helipad to the ER/hosp travels under the canopy, which is this huge American flag. They again have reassurance that they are in SAFE hands are on the way to recovery.
Bless you for what you are doing
Marsa L Mitchell COL, MC, ILANG
State Air Surgeon
(Anesthesiologist living in Rockford Illinois/Chicago)

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Nancy in MT said...

Polly and Laurie, such a wonderful project you have undertaken for the troops, I love the picture of the surgeon, a smile amongst all the chaos of war. Nancy

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