Thursday, August 14, 2008


How goes your summer? Have you been taking it easy? Relaxing? Good for you. It has been beautiful here in Michigan the last week or so. Kind of unusual in that it is in the seventies and not too humid. I know I have been enjoying it. Work does go on though...... in between getting pattern designs ready to go to the printer and hand quilting a quilt, We are working on future fabric designs. Polly is hooking like mad in Florida and we are scanning, emailing, and calling many times a day. All of this for a future Christmas fabric line. Maybe you can help! We are painfully lame in naming things. Our rugs, quilts, fabrics all are either woefully named, or we get the names from someone else. Just take a gander up at the name of this blog. Sad, isn't it? We came up with that name all by ourselves. So, just post a comment and suggest a name for the new collection. We can't promise it will make the final cut - but hey, it's got to be better than what we come up with. Oh, and if you comment by Saturday at Midnight we will draw names out of a hat and the winner will get a jelly roll of our next fabric collection - "American Primer."

Polly and Laurie


Nanette Merrill said...

I love that fabric. Your weather sounds heavenly. I can feel fall approaching as it cools during the night. Summer has flown by. Vacation, sewing, working - life.

julia said...

I just wanted to say hi and that I simply love your fabric design, it's just wonderful! I just ordered some of the gorgeous "winter" collection (love that simple name and the adorable design that hide behind it).
Sadly, as I'm not a native speaker, I'm quite bad with wordplays and it seems that most of the fabric lines are named this way...hmm...what about Secret Santa? Or Jolly Jul ...and Naughty Nick {well, that's a little bit too special, *g*}...oh, I'm getting I should go to bed.
Good night, Julia

Carrie P. said...

Well, since I can't see any of the designs yet to know what the fabric and designs look like here are some ideas for Christmas.
Jolly Holiday
December Magic
All is Merry and Bright
Christmas Joy
A Wee Bit of Christmas
That's all I can think of.

Meghan said...

hmmmm...Winter Solstice, Season's Splendor, Peaceful ( Pieceful) Tidings. Whatever you name the collection I will want it (G)!!!! Hugs, Meghan from San Diego

mamabug said...

You gave us a challenge .......... Very hard withought looking at the line :) here goes;
1 Cheers for Santa Dear
2 Ornament Exchange
3 Twinkle Bright Christmas Light
4 Dear Santa

Oh those were weak but I gave it my Olympic try!!!! Kathie

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... A challenge!

1. Holly Jolly
2. Good Tidings
3. Santa's Best
4. Home for the Holidays

mwavery said...

I like Jingle!

For the name of your blog, it should be Minick and Simpson and Blogging, Oh MY!

Sequana said...

Christmas Dreams
Holiday Helper....*L*
Sugarplum Dreams
Cinnamon Bunny
Stars Delight

MM said...

Homecoming for the Holiday

antique quilter said...

Holiday Joy
Home for the Holidays
American Holiday
Americana Ho HO HO
Hometown Memories


Sherri said...

I love all of your fabric lines..."Winter" and "Prairie Paisley" are two of my favorites! How about "Christmas Candy" or "Christmas at Home" for the new line...?

Cherie said...

from another quilter that has a hard time naming things (including kids) depending on your color way for the Christmas line you could use any of these words in combination....
yule tide
yule log
winter solstice
winter festival
twelfth night

Deb Silva said...

Oh my, this is a tough one. But here goes.

Prairie Christmas

Mar said...

Holiday Cheer, Seasons memories, Winter's memories. What ever you call it I want it, LOL

Seasons Remembered
Season's Comforts

Di said...

Oh boy .. hard to name something that I can't see.. let's see depending on what it looks like... how about Winter Warmth or Jingleberries (lol, you'd have to have berries in it, I guess).

Can't wait to see it when it comes out!

debbie said...

I love all of your fabrics! Ok, going for the "Gold medal" here!

"Yuletide Yearnings"

"Classic Yuletide"

"Sleigh Bells"

"Toasty Toddy" ~ maybe not?! LOL!

"Holiday Hillside"

"Warm Snuggles"

"Fireside Comfort"

"Festive Favorites"

"Peaceful Present"

OK,gotta go watch Michael! Have a nice night! Debbie

Melissa said...

How about Holiday Cheer?
I love your fabrics. Thanks!

Vicky said...

Christmas Primer
Holidays & Holly

I'm bad at names, too, but I sure can't wait for it to come out! Your work is so beautiful!

Jeanne said...

How about
1. Merry Mischief
2. Sew, Celebrate!
3. Candy Cane Christmas
4. Holiday Memories
5. Remembering Santa
6. Christmas Jingles
7. Holiday Wonder
8. Hang the Stockings
9. Cinnamon & Peppermints & finally,
10. A Minick & Simpson Christmas!

Lisa D. said...

Quite a challenge to name without an idea of what it would look like, but how about "Yultide Cheer"? I love your Winter line (and its name) - nothing wrong with a classic name!

Cindi D said...

How exciting to be working on another fabric line, it's a wonder how you manage to create something new each time. Here the summer hasn't even ended and your thinking of next christmas, granted that this christmas is still a couple of months off. I'm still in summer vacation mode. Once the kids are back in school I'm hoping to venture back into my sewing room for some R&R.

A couple of names for the new line might be:
1. Winter Traditions
2. Magic Holiday
3. Snow Drops

Sally said...

I loved your Prairie Paisley line. I have lots but haven't used it yet. Its hard to think of a name for a line I haven't seen. My first thought was Prairie Christmas or Christmas on the Prairie. Good Luck coming up with a name.

Carol said...

I wish I could see a sample of the fabric you want help naming, that would be easier. I'm thinking it must be something amazing like your other fabrics. I'm going to say

Homespun Holiday
Antique Christmas

Carol L.

mamabug said...

A few more to ponder; Family Traditions, Winter wonder, Bright Lights, It's Almost Christmas, Gift exchange, Snow Dreams, Snow Days!!!! Good Luck Kathie

TamiC said...

wow, everyone is right - withour seeing the line- difficult - maybe

Winters splendour
Holiday delights
season of fancy
Home for christmas -(i think this was used by thimbleberries befreo)
Christmas wishes

Just a few ideas- By the way, Winter , is my fav holiday line for this year of anybody!!!!
Tami from tucson

Connie said...

Okay - I do love your site and nothing wrong with the name - it makes a statement.
Stars at Christmas
Starry Seasons
Season of Stars
Christmas Folk Stars
I'm guessing there will be stars in the fabric !!!!

Carrie said...

Holly & Ivy
A Christmas Carol
North Pole
Silent Night
St. Nicholas
St. Nick
Dash Away All

And, yeah, Laurie... seeing even a tiny little preview of the fabric would sure help. :)

I guess we'll all have to wait until May or June of 2009 to see what wonderful new fabric you and Polly will have for us.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Lots of very clever names given so far. How about Comforts of Home...not very Christmas-like but that's what I think of during the holidays since I live so very far from family.

Ginny Worden said...

Sorry, I can be just as lame in naming things. I am not very original, that's why I am a good consumer, let me buy fabric and patterns and I can copy as well as anyone else. Seems that so many others are able to leave such interesting names, but I will try, my suggestion ( lame as it is ) would be Heavenly Holidays. Good luck to one and all.

Nancy in MT said...

Laurie and Polly,
the ladies are right, hard to name without seeing the fabric, but here goes,
Christmas Memories
Home for Christmas
Primtive Christmas
Home for the Holidays

kathyinozarks said...

I love your fabric collections too!, wow so many great ideas here for names already. here are a couple more:
country memories
christmas in the country
cocoa and mistletoe

Sinta Renee said...

I can't wait to see the next line of fabric you have! I am working on Brrr now and love the Winter collection. My thoughts for your new line are: A Hero's Holiday or Christmas United.

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