Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Haven't the Olympics been fabulous to watch? That spectacular opening ceremony and the sporting contests so far have been mesmerizing. Politics aside, it has been awesome and awe inspiring. One of our local claim to fame - Michael Phelps has had a few good days! Did you see that clip showing him out and about in Ann Arbor restaurants? I can vouch for the Chinese Restaurant - Middle Kingdom - it is one of our favorites. We are a family of sports nuts and we are in heaven. But, one of the great things about a spectacle like this is the opportunity to get some handwork done. Bill helped me baste a quilt Sunday morning and the last 2 evenings have been spent sitting, watching, and quilting. Hey, I'm getting a lot done too. Boy, do I need to - this needs to be done in time for Quilt Market in October. So far, on schedule. "Let the Games Continue"


We are also glued to our TV to watch our great American athletes perform - for all the world to enjoy. We had a good friend win a gold medal a few years back and my husband traveled to see him when he won, and that was special. We also are proud to watch Michael Phelps as he stuns the world with his talent. We feel like he is our local hero as he became a Michigan Wolverine and did all his practices at Ann Arbor this past year. We enjoyed seeing our restaurants featured last night on his bio - and really loved seeing his bulldog - gosh would be nice if he could have take his pup to Beijing!! Maybe he did. Our granddaughter was lucky enough to swim with Katie Hoff at the US Naval Academy this past year - and Katie was gracious enough to autograph Emily's swimsuit - and you can bet that will hang in her room for a good, long time. And that Emily was cheering on her friend in her outstanding swim!

Also friends of ours here in Naples are the proud, beaming parents of Jim Bell - the NBC Producer of the Olympics - so we are thrilled to know just how proud they are of Jim and all his accomplishments. But we all have special and personal reasons to stop all you are doing to watch the Olympics from start to finish. Laurie and I are so lucky that we can actually work as we watch - now don't you all wish you could do that. I am trying to get some rugs hooked for market - and to think you have to be in the studio for at least hours each day to work, and watch the USA teams at work - is pretty nice!



Patty said...

Hi Ladies -- I sent you an email through your website but haven't heard anything back so I thought I'd try your blog. My mom ordered one of your 2008 Semper Fi rug kits and ended up getting two of them. Should we just return the extra one to Polly at the address in Florida?

nahnahnah at aol dot com

debbie said...

Hi Polly- sounds like you've been busy! We love watching the Olympics,my grandsons were runnng around in their underwear pretending to be Michael Phelps, they think they're just as fast as him!(5 & 7- no ego problems!) Hey, if Patty sends you one of the kits back can I buy it? Just let me know! I've got to go & respond to Laurie's blog with some names! ( while I watch swimming!) Have a good night & don't work TOO hard!) Debbie ( primstitch@embarqmail.com

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