Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Hi! This is Tucker. He has many talents. At the top of the list is his ability to relax. He also has the most expressive face not belonging to a human. Don't tell him he's not a human. One of his favorite tricks is his knowledge of couch etiquette. Tucker knows he cannot lay on "his" couch without one of "his" quilts covering it. Yes, he has more than one. If by chance one of them is not in it's place on the couch - he will nudge you and look longingly at his perch on the upholstery. My talent is to jump up and provide him with a clean quilt to lay on. Thankfully, I know this is one of my purposes in life - providing the dog and cats a loving home and a comfy place to sleep. Not a bad thing, really. Too bad my weekend isn't quite as lazy as his. Among my usual chores is starting a new quilt that has been on the back burner way too long - and designing another quilt for our next fabric line. Some chores are better than others. How are you spending the long weekend?



Peddlecar Quilts said...

Hi! Congrats on your new blog! I just started my a few days ago myself, and it has been so much fun. So many wonderful people out there! I am a new designer for quilt patterns, you'll have to check out my
I love Tuckers quilt! Why I would even love sleeping on that quilt!! Love your designs and new fabric lines with Moda! Bought one of your kits recently, one I saw at Houston last fall.
Welcome aboard!
Diane in Henderson

Mar said...

Tucker is a hunk! *s* and so well behaved. This weekend I will be doing some chores, going to a BBQ and working on my Prairie Paisley Project. Hope you had a lovely 4th.

Anonymous said...

Your doggie is adorable and looks very comfy on his quilt :o)

Happytime2011 said...

I am guessing your dog had the same busy fourth of july as I did...since most of my day today was spent sprawled on a couch much like your dog - trying to digest all the hot dogs and burgers I ate! I did spend some time finishing up a quilt block for the I Believe in Angels quilt by Anne Sutton using your Winter line of fabric. The fabric colors and designs are just beautiful...nice job! Mary

Vicky said...

I'm working on a Prairie Paisley quilt, too, this weekend! Perfectly patriotic!

Tucker's a doll! My Daisy won't lay down until her quilt is spread out! LOL

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hello ladies,

I am visiting you after reading Ann's blog and have to tell you "nice to meet you!" Hope you don't mind, but I am adding you to my list of creative friends on my blog roll and will be back for more visits. I am just getting into quilting and am having a lot of fun reading other blogs and seeing the designs that you talented ladies come up with.

Ahh, your dog is so cute and I love that he gets to really lay on the pretty quilt.

I do believe I recently read up on you in Country Home magazine. I recognize the stacked white primitive boxes and the blue spongeware pitchers on the hutch. Loved the article!

Love your blog and have fun with it!!


little acorns said...

I don't know who is better trained. . . our dogs. .. or us! My little Bailey has two quilts - like your Tucker. The other day - he went to jump up on the big denim chair, (one if his 'perches'), & when the quilt wasn't where it was supposed to be. . . he jumped off! . . . they are so smart!
Love your quilts! xo, Bren

Katie said...

Our family got to go to Sedona, AZ on Friday. We had a great time. No quilting this weekend, but I am designing a quilt for my new nephew arriving in October!

Unknown said...

love the new blog! anne from bunnyhill sent us on over.
your dog is adorable! my dog weighs 175 pounds and i definitely don't let her onto the sofa! she ate my last one as a puppy and is sofa-restricted for life!
we spent the weekend at various activities. we went to our friend's who bought a waterslide after the park closed down and planted in on the hill in his property and now it goes into his pool! it was great fun.
i can't wait for the red/white/blue line to come out that anne was talking about. i'm just starting a patriotic quilt for my veteran marine son and need some more fabric!
best of luck with your blog and your business!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Your package of the red, white and blue tape that I won on your give-away just arrived!! It's great ~ and I'll put it to good use!
You're very generous ~ thank you!

Connie said...

Polly - I just bought the new issue of "Country Home" - the condo is Florida is just beautiful - the blues and whites with a touch of red! Simply stunning.
Our dogs have the same thought process!

quilterpolly said...

Love the quilt that tucker is laying on. Let me tell you how wonderful my week-end was. I learned a little secret don't know if I should share or not. OK, you twisted my arm. I learned the best night to go out for dinner is the 4th of July. I am a single quilter and I went to Macaroni grill. No waiting on a Friday night the service was great and the food was extremely wonderful. Now don't let my secret out. Everyone needs to keep grilling out and I will go out on the 4th. I spent the week-end working on a ufo that is 6 years in the works but almost done.
I love all your stuff glad to see you have a blog.
polly in Southern California

Happy Zombie said...

I found your blog via PamKittyMorning (aka Pam - everyone's window to the world). Have loved your fabrics and always excited to see what's next from you two!

I love that your Tucker is quilt trained (and Bren's sweet lil Bailey too)! My two naughty goldies snub any sort of rules when it comes to the sofa. Maybe I just haven't made the right quilt yet for them. Sure. That must be it!

kathyinozarks said...

our pet Nikita, does exactly the same thing with the couch-how interesting-animals are so smart
I am getting into cleaner laundry and cleaning supplies by making my own-a fun "doings" here in the ozarks of Missouri.
enjoy your posts Kathy

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