Sunday, July 13, 2008

At The Beach!

Well there is nothing like being by the ocean - as the grandkids will gather. I spent the last week really away from the many tasks I should have been doing - but had a wonderful week with the grandkids and families. You really do not have to worry about getting the family all together - just add ocean and bingo - they appear. You can see that Annie our Airdale really enjoyed the week - nothing like lots of happy children and lots of food to make your pup happy.
This is our brood - Shelby, Rachel, Allison, Michael, Thomas, Grant and Emily Kate and of course Annie. It was a wonderful time had by all - but that week is behind us and it is back to the studio to get busy. Laurie is busy designing quilts for our next collection and I am doing another rug hooking pattern. So that means samples need to be made - trips to printer and the list goes on. No complaints from us, this is a "dream job" and we enjoy it all, but there are times when you have a few more deadlines than at other times of the year - we are into deadline time as we want to be fully prepared for Houston Market.
I will just enjoy the memories of all the fun we had with the family and the water, it was a great time. And I suggested a little Rug Hooking Camp next year for the girls, they are excited - they would be even more excited if Aunt Laurie attended - she is known as the real "chef" in the family. How happy I will be to see any of these gals hooking!
Back to work.

P.S. I will be happy to pencil in the rug hooking camp for next summer. I'll pack the pots and pans!



Mama Spark said...

What a wonderful family! I have a Shelby too.

Vicki Bellino said...

Ooh, a Rug Hooking Camp!! Sounds like great fun and something I would love to learn! Love designing with your fabrics. I'm in the process of redoing my quilt studio, with Prairie Paisley as my inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hey Polly & Laurie!! How are you two? Great blog girls! Pollt - email me your current email addy. The one I have for you no longer works - emails are returned to me! Hope you are having a great summer...we need to catch up!

Sally Van Nuys

Tammy said...

Polly sounds like you had a GREAT vacation.
The grandkids are all adorable & so grown up.
Still waiting for my first...this one is on it's own time schedule. :-) Just like his father.
Blessings 2 U Friend.

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Hey, enjoyed reading your new blog, love the quilt pictures! We always love quilt eye candy. I'm at work thinking of the red and navy fabric at home because of your one red and blue quilt! I just love it! I'll be back!
Blessings, Debbie

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