Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ann Arbor Art Fair

Good Morning from Ann Arbor, home of the infamous Ann Arbor Art Fair! We Ann Arborites love it, but we do like to complain about it. Not the Art Fair itself, but what it does to our daily existence here. It screws it up plenty, that's what it does - but it's worth it. I spent this morning walking around and thought I could show you a couple of pictures. Driving anywhere downtown is practically impossible for the duration of the show. I hopped on the bus outside my front door and was dropped off not far from South University where most of these photos were taken. Enjoy! The first one is the Ann Arbor Potter's Guild set up on the steps of Hill Auditorium. Here is something particularly quilty...those are tiny little quilts from fiber artist Marcia Derse.

Next is some wonderful paintings from an artist from Illinois. I loved her booth. I could almost feel like I was in Chicago!

This wonderful baseball and mitt was beaded by Plains Indian artist Gwen Fedor. Americana Indeed. After a lovely stroll I stopped at Afternoon Delight and had a Berry Patch for Brunch. It is even better than it looks! If you are in the area - make sure to see it for yourself and remember to patronize your local artists. Make sure to click on the photos to enlarge to REALLY see the details.


Nanette Merrill said...

Brunch looks so lovely but those sports creations are so darling and clever!! I love them. How fun. Ann Arbor is a very nice community.

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, do you know the artist's name with the beautiful paintings of Chicago?

Minick and Simpson said...


I am looking for her elusive business card.... I cannot find it at the moment. I will keep on it.


Unknown said...

Have you ever had the cinammon toast at Afternoon Delight. Absolutely Amazing! Went with my parents yesterday and saw some of the most amazing art work ever. Some reminded me of pictures of Polly's home! Love the Blog!

Minick and Simpson said...


Found it!!!! the painter's name is Kathleen Eaton from Sleepy Hollow Illinois. Sounds like a "magical" place for such luminous paintings.


Michelle said...

Thanks for posting photos from the art fair! I loved going to it for the years we were there while I was in graduate school. Wish I could get back every year - the pottery was always my favorite!

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