Wednesday, December 5, 2018

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Block 34

Don't you love how you can look at an applique pattern and KNOW whose hand designed it? Even with my fabric choices - there can be no doubt that this week's block is designed by Jan Patek.  You can find the pattern HEREThank you for the beautiful block, Jan!

 I've started quilting my red and white Indigo Revival quilt. I feel very festive in the evenings when this is in my lap.
While I am quilting, this is Gibby next to me.  He waits by the side of the sofa until we put a quilt down, then he arranges himself AND the pillows until he is just right. That is the boxer in him - he is very skilled at moving things around with his paws. Crazy, right? What is actually crazy is that we oblige him.

Polly and I are off on a little adventure tomorrow.



Wednesday, November 28, 2018

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Block 33

Block 33 is brought to you by Stacy Iest Hsu. I mixed in some 3 Sisters pink with my Minick and Simpson red, white and blue. You can find the directions HERE.

Our refrigerator was delivered so we will have roast turkey this weekend.  A little late, but yummy just the same. I am in between projects. I'm getting my red and white quilt back from being basted this week. Hand quilting will start on it immediately.  New strike offs will be delivered too - for our next collection that will show next spring.  So - that awkward in between project phase happened and you KNOW I cannot sit without some stitching in my this was born.

I dug into my prized box of Japanese taupe fabric bits and pieces. With the help of some purse hardware and a stack of Yoko Saito books - I made myself a bag.  As I mentioned on Instagram, it would make a lovely evening bag - if I ever ventured out socially in the evening, that is.  :)  It will probably live as a stitching bag - holding bits of fabric, thread and needles when I stitch on the road.

 The Christmas tree was put up.  A 1950's artificial white tree was scored on Ebay several years ago.  I was searching for one because I also found this vintage tree stand.  

This, 5 red and white quilts on the walls, and some stockings are it for Christmas decorating.  I have bins and bins of Christmas stuff in storage, but my tolerance for clutter gets weakened every year.  Soon, you can expect the quilts, a candle, and sprig of holly as the entirety of holiday decorating around here.



Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Blockheads2 - Block 32

In the middle of this busy week, how about a fast and easy block from Betsy Chutchian

I get an unexpected break from cooking Thanksgiving dinner here this year. Our refrigerator died last week. Did you know that that you can't just walk into a store and buy a white French door refrigerator? Nope. It has to be special ordered. It looks like it will be delivered late today.  Just a little too late to go out and buy and turkey and all the fixings for dinner tomorrow. Do not worry. Restaurant reservations have been made.  

Since I last posted on the blog, not only has the refrigerator given up the ghost, but Bill's and my iPhones are gasping their last breath. Here's hoping there will be a surprise deal somewhere on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The iPhone issue is why I couldn't post last week on the blog - no photos.  

My red and white quilt top was finished this week. It is on it's way to be basted and it will be my winter hand quilting project.
The pattern is Indigo Revival (the original was done in blue and cream) and it is available as a download in our Etsy shop.



Tuesday, November 6, 2018

BLOCKHEADS2 - Block #30

Week 30 is brought to you by Brigitte Heitland from Zen Chic. You can find the directions HERE.  If you look close, you might see a difference in my block.  Yep.  I screwed it up.  I made a cutting mistake and made my block too small.  It was still pretty good, but too small. I added a 1/2" border all the way around.  Lemons into lemonade, people.

I just got back from another fun filled, inspiring International Quilt Market in Houston.  We showcased our new collection Crystal Lake. Crystal Lake will be in shops in February. 

If you go to my Instagram and post a comment before midnight November 7th - you could win these fabric sets - along with a gift from Moda Fabrics.

For all of you hand piecing people - I found these new patterns from Karen Styles of Somerset Patchwork - The Honeycomb Quilt.  You can find them HERE in our Etsy shop.



Tuesday, October 30, 2018

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Block 29

No, this isn't block 29.  This is my in progress quilt.  I am working on the borders right now and by the time Thanksgiving has rolled around, I plan to have this in my lap every evening - hand quilting it.  The pattern is called Indigo Revival (the first one I made was in blue and cream). You can find the pattern HERE.  I always liked this quilt, but wished it was bigger.  I just enlarged the block size and the templates 150% and now it will be queen size. There was also the issue of overflowing red scrap bins.  This made a small dent in them.

This is block 29, brought to you by Carrie Nelson. You can find the instructions HERE.

Today I pack for Houston and we head to the airport at O dark thirty tomorrow morning.  Hope to see some of you there.



Tuesday, October 23, 2018

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Block #28

This week's block is brought to you by Me and My Sister - the directions are HERE.

There are scraps from Prairie Paisley, Bar Harbor, and even some Bonnie and Camille polka dots!  

I found this treasure this past week. It isn't as old as the sand pails Polly collects, but this pristine one from the 40's/50's is a keeper. Those white Mary Jane shoes with the striped socks are calling out to me.  Do you think Nordstroms has something like this in my size?

There are 2 quilts in progress here at Casa Simpson....... the first one is a remake of our Indigo Revival pattern, but in red and a bit larger. You can find the Indigo Revival pattern HERE.

The second quilt in progress is one of those Top Secret quilts that get made here quite often.  I can't share much more than this right now.  More to be revealed at a later date.
Can't wait to see how all of you make your Blockheads 2 block.



Tuesday, October 16, 2018

BLOCKHEADS 2 Block #27

 You may have remembered this pull of fabric from my stash last month.  It's been going well and now I have some blocks....

The pattern is Indigo Revival and you can find it HERE in our Etsy shop.  The original quilt (which has always been a favorite) was in blue and cream and wall size.  I enlarged the pattern 150% to make it bed size.  The blocks now finish at 15" square and the original was 10" square.  It was easy to do, I cut my background blocks the new size and enlarged the 3 applique templates 150% on the copier.  (the other applique figures will be in the border). I loved the original in blues, but I like red too and the overflowing bins of red scraps helped me make up my mind.

I also have kept up on BLOCKHEADS 2 and this week's block is #27 by Lynne Hagmeier

The instructions are HERE 

Hope you are enjoying the fall weather (or spring for those of you in the southern hemisphere). I am sipping hot drinks and wearing sweaters. It's glorious. Bill and I are having our annual battle (eh, ......discussion) about temperature in the house. He's walking around with ALL of his clothes on and grumbling. He would like the furnace turned on. I am happy with the cool temps and all I have to decide is on what sweater I will wear today.   And there are always quilts to layer with. Lots of quilts. Layering is much more fun than central heating.



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