Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Week 2

Oh, I think we'll be seeing lots of interesting variations of this charming block.  The Sunshine Star block by Sherri McConnell at A Quilting Life Blog.

This is mine.  It's still using mostly Mackinac Island fabrics along with a bit of stash.....

Make sure to check out everyone's else block too! - Sherry McConnell - Primitive Gatherings - Lissa Alexander



Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Yes, today is the day when we start Blockheads 3!  Quite a few of us have been working in the background to get this baby up and ready. Shout outs to Lissa, Carrie, and Natalie for the REAL work behind the scenes.

If you are new...... Blockheads 3 will give you a new block pattern every Wednesday for the next year.  There are 56 blocks heading your way (some weeks will have 2 blocks)  We'll be making blocks and sewing them into quilt tops.  There is a Blockheads 3 Facebook page where everyone can see each other's progress, answer questions, and cheer each other on. 

Today is getting off to a grand start with with Corey Yoder  Go there for the pdf of the directions.

This is Corey's block....... I'm making my blocks with the brand new Mackinac Island fabric collection that starts shipping to quilt shops this week! Great timing, eh?

I'm making 6" blocks.  You have the option of several sizes - 4", 6" 8", and 12".  My plan is to use all the 56 blocks in my quilt - so a 6" is my best option.  Things can change of course, but my plan so far is for all 6" blocks on point with alternate blocks.  Borders to be decided much later on.

Blockheads is a great use for your favorite new fabric group  - or it can be a great scrap eater. A combination of the 2 is always good too. If you want some new Mackinac Island fabrics to work with your red, white and blue scraps - I have a limited supply of Mackinac Island starter packs.  This starter pack is 12 Fat Quarters.

Other Moda designers will offer some fabrics packs too. 

Here are my colleagues who will show you blocks every week: - Sherry McConnell - Primitive Gatherings - Lissa Alexander

Designers will take turns each week with a new block pattern. You can find this pattern on their blogs, or there will be links in the Facebook Blockheads 3 page, and on the Moda Cutting Table Blog page.  Once we get started, it will all go smoothly :)

Get your fabrics chosen, pressed, cut and start sewing!  I've been working hard here and I have a few weeks of blocks in the bank (one of the many perks of being a Moda designer - we have had these patterns for a week or so).  Once this blog post is written and posted.... I have some quilty reading and stitching to catch up on.

My evening is sorted.  Happy Blockheads day everyone!!



Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Ending '19 With Some 99's

Do you like scrap quilts?

Do you LOVE scrap quilts? I know I do.  I make scrap quilts all the time. They are my favorite type of quilt.  You may have heard I was asked to be in Lissa Alexander's new book - Sisterhood of Scraps.

I was honored to be asked and I loved making the quilt

SCRAPS!!! As you can see, I raided my blue and cream scrap bins to make this.  You probably have bins of scraps too, but maybe you could use a little boost in the scrap department.  This is where the 99 fabric bundle can help.

I have cut 99 different Minick and Simpson fabrics and put them in a bundle for you.  While every 99 bundle is different - you can rely on getting mega red, white, and blue fabrics.
I cut a couple dozen 99 bundles at a time.  They will contain brand new Minick and Simpson fabrics (the ones in stock right now have a few pieces of Mackinac Island - just a few days before it ships to shops. These came from my personal stash). They will also contain some current fabrics (Northport and Crystal Lake) and some long, long, out of print doozies.  Once these out of print fabrics are gone - they are gone, never to return.

You will get a hefty bundle of 9" x 9" squares.

There will always be lots of reds, blues, creams, and tans......

And have you heard? There is a new Blockheads 3 starting soon.  These bundles could come in handy.

You can find the 99's HERE in our Etsy shop.  Happy New Year.



Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Catching Up

It's kind of embarrassing to see how long it was since I last posted.  Things are well here, and there is a bit to catch up on.

For the past several months, my evenings have usually been spent on hand quilting a whole cloth quilt. Hand piecers (and especially hand quilters) Unite!!  The hand quilting was a dream.  I used a cotton lawn on both the front and the back and a wool batting.  It is feather light.  The biggest challenge on this project was the marking.  I didn't mark every element - but just the BONES of it.  I measured and sectioned off the rows and marked the large wreath in the center and the cables.  Once those were quilted, I used hand made stencils to mark the leaves as I went.  There are some individual elements that I hand drew and the cross hatching was marked using masked tape.  Basically, I made it up as I went along.  Most of the elements are classic whole cloth quilting motifs - particularly from the British Isles.  Those antique whole cloth quilts from the UK that I love were the inspiration for this quilt.

Other elements were completely individual to me.  Because of the many hours spent quilting this summer watching Detroit Tiger games - I needed some comfort and solace.  Those were some difficult games to watch, but if you are a diehard fan - NOT watching isn't an option.  There are Detroit Tiger motifs stitched into this quilt: Olde English D's, baseballs, mitts, bats, and leaping tigers.

Here is the quilt drying on the dining room table.  There is more on the sides.  I tried to take photos outside of the entire quilt - but all I got is red glare, but you get the idea.  The wool batting, and the shiny cotton lawn fabric really makes the quilting pop.

In other news...... those worn sofa cushions got an upgrade. In an effort to use up and recycle, I only used quilt blocks in my "orphan block" basket. Those blocks left over from other projects.  And yes, they are machine quilted.  Speed was one reason, practicality was nother.  Gibby spends a lot of time on the sofa arranging the pillows.  I wanted these pillows Gibby proof.

See what I mean?

and lastly....... The Derby House Block of the Month is starting!!!!!!

 Today I sent out invoices to the people who signed up with me.  They were emailed to the account associated with their Etsy account.  If you were one of these...... check to see if you received it. Check your spam account too.  I have had a few emails shoot back to me as incorrect.  We'll get it all sorted in the next day or so - and Month 1 will be in the mail shortly.  The next couple of days will be cutting fabric.



Thursday, October 24, 2019

Houston International Quilt Market - 2019

I'm packing my bags right after I post this.  It's always so fun to get to Quilt Market and see fabric and PEOPLE.  This is what I'm showing....... Mackinac Island.  It won't be long before it's in shops - January 2020.

Mackinac Island is one of my favorite places - and it's many people's favorite place.  It's just GRAND.

International Quilt Market in Houston is a trade show for all things quilty/fabric for shops the world over.  I hope to see you there - all you shop owners.  For all of you not there - these are the quilts I made with Mackinac Island
Derby House is a Block of the Month.  

Honor also fits all the criteria for a Quilt of Valor.  We are proud to be able to join in this worthy cause.

I hope to have more photos on Instagram starting tomorrow.  



Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Northport is HERE!

Northport fabric is in shops now - or in my case...... will be here on Friday.  I hope to spend all weekend cutting into it.

There will be a few kits of Leo to send out...... we have them here if you are interested.

Leo is actually quite easily pieced. The 4 pieced blocks are strip pieced and go together quite quickly.  The applique border is made with a bias maker for the vine and Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Circle templates for the flowers.  All your edges are automatically turned under so the applique is quick too.

Per usual, I am one or two fabric collections ahead of you.  The Mackinac Island quilts ( Honor and the Derby House Block of the Month) will be back from Maggi this weekend and I'll be sewing on bindings.  And...... I'm starting to think about quilts after that........... My husband Bill is helping with some challenging drafting.  He is a retired cabinet maker and he still has a ruler, tape measure, and pencil within hands reach - at all times.



Friday, August 30, 2019

Taking RESERVATIONS for the Derby House Block of the Month

Starting today - we are taking RESERVATIONS for the Derby House Block of the Month

Derby House is a 10 month block of the month that will start in December of 2019 and run for 10 months until September 2020.

Derby House is made with Mackinac Island prints and Northport woven fabrics designed by Minick and Simpson for Moda fabrics. The BOM kit will make the 80" x 90" top and binding and have the complete instructions.  The quilt has 5 large applique blocks and easily pieced blocks.

The RESERVATION is HERE in our Etsy shop

Once you make your reservation (and leave your phone number in the "message to seller" part of the order) - You will be invoiced monthly through Square.  The invoice will be emailed to you can pay by credit card, debit card, or paypal. 

The monthly kits will be sent in a Priority Mail envelope - and shipping is included in your fee.

Thanks everyone



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