Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Week 19

One thing you can say about the Shelter In Place situation - things have been crossed off the eternal "To-Do" list.  All of my scheduled projects have been done - or are in the correct stages of being done and some even long, long WIP's have been tackled.  I even have an idea germinating for another long term handwork project.

But, you're here for the next installment of Blockheads 3. This week's block is courtesy of Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic.  You can find the pattern HERE.

We changed up all the quilts hanging in the house too. I went for light, breezy colors for summer - or until I feel the need to change things up again.  The new ModaVillage quilt is now hanging in our hallway. Cassie approves.



farmhousequilter8 said...

I am also catching up and really enjoying Blockheads 3. Thinking about doing the village pattern too. Paula in KY

Alycia said...

I love your version of this week's block! I also love your Village quilt. I made one last year and it is one of my favorites. I hadn't thought of hanging it in my hallway, though. There's an idea!

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