Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Week 17

This is week 17 of Blockheads 3.  Betsy Chutchian has this little gem for us......
You can find the directions HERE

I hope you are all getting along well and your families are healthy. We are good. 

Like everyone else, I mix in some mask making in between other sewing.  I have made 4 versions of masks. Each one has their assets and debits. I found this tutorial makes masks quite quickly and I like how they fit.   

In other news, I got my Trip Around The World quilt back from being basted and I'm now hand quilting it.

I'm quilting with a big stitch and the thread is Aurifil 12wt. The needle is a John James milliner size 11.  This is going quite fast and I expect to be finished this weekend.

Lastly, the new patterns that feature the Harbor Springs fabric collection are in stock in the Etsy shop. Both downloads and paper patterns.  

When the fabric ships later this summer I will have kits for both of these quilts.



Caro said...

Your atrip Around the World quilt is beautiful! Are there any kits available?

Susie H said...

I always enjoy seeing what you're working on. Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Who bastes your quilts? I am interested in seeing how you quilt this pattern. I am a very SLOW hand quilter!

I like seeing how your Blockhead blocks look! Carol in Texas

see mary stamp said...

Love the blue and orange in your Trip Around the World quilt. Love the blue thread for the big stitch quilting.

Pat said...

So pretty. Thank you for the close up pictures of your big stitch hand quilting on your trip around the world quilt With a quilt
do you sit at your table to quilt a section at a time with your hoop ? I have not followed thru on my attempt to start hand quilting a small quilt I’m practicing my stitches deciding how to quilt a project is daunting as I want to like the finish. So many patterns or articles say “ quilt as desired “ or show machine quilted quilts it’s nice to see up close a choice for the small pieces in your beautiful quilt

izzy r said...

I love that trip around the world.. do you use a pattern for it ? do you have it because Im tired of using the method of unstitching squares and then uniting them again. Thank you.. Izzy

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