Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Blockheads - Week 14

This week's block is courtesy of Joanna at Fig Tree Quilts.  You must have a nice tidy pile of blocks by now and are getting excited. Me too!  I also have the privilege of working a bit ahead - and I have made another 14 blocks - and they are pretty grand.  As you know, I am making 6" blocks and that means some of the pieces are quite small.  If you don't already have these..... I'll just point out that the teeny Bloc-Loc rulers will come in handy.  
Yes, that is a finished 3/4" x 1 1/2" flying geese unit.  These will be in your future - if you are also making 6" blocks.

I'm hoping that you and your family members are all well.  Polly and I call each other every day with an update on isolation.  I never had a busy social life before, but now...... well, it's interesting.  Last week I told a friend it's almost like it's 1930 and I'm living in it.  I spend my day in a house dress, woolen leggings, and slippers. I have a bandana tied around my hair to keep it out of my eyes. I look up recipes to use that extra 2 cups of milk before it goes bad - and we spend our time with exciting pastimes like jigsaw puzzles and darning socks.  The only difference is we have streaming entertainment instead of listening to the wireless.



Karen in Breezy Point said...

That puzzle looks extremely challenging! I haven't been reduced to darning my socks yet, although I do have a few pair that need it. Keep safe!

Anonymous said...

Scary times. I love your posts ! Stay well and stay safe. Pam T.

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew how to darn socks. My sock that I have on now has a hole in the toe! It looks like you have yours on a ball??


moosecraft said...

Your fabrics add perfection to this block! Love it! I'm kind of enjoying this "old fashioned" way of living...though I sure could use a haircut right now...

Linda said...

I love to see how one pattern can be arranged on a Quilt in so many different ways and fabric choice!

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