Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Charm Swap - Me and My Sister

Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister designed this great little quilt using Northport!  I love it!  Thanks, gals.

Make sure to head on over to their blog for the free download pattern

What other things are happening over here........... a small vacation is planned (very small - 3 days).  Beach towels and sunscreen has been obtained!

Oh....... just to get your attention....... A new Minick and Simpson Block Of The Month has been finalized!  I will post pictures next month and we will get the process going for subscriptions.  You can expect this quilt to start around the end of the year - so get your quilting schedules in order !




moosecraft said...

Alrighty! Thanks for the heads up! I'm hoping to get my quilty schedule all caught up, so that I can stitch your BOM as it arrives at my house! :-) Enjoy your vacation!

Pam said...

!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO !!! Sounds so fun!

Greta said...

Magoon here thank you for the download it is a Beautiful Quilt. I do also have the Walkingabout. From a shop hop from Michigan and Ohio.can wait 5o make it .

sulli said...
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scarlett said...

Excited to see your new Block of the Month.
But I have another question. I am doing "Cheri" quilt pattern, and it has a fish weathervane, I would personally rather have a horse appliquéd than a fish and another quilter mentioned that you had a free fish pattern available. I searched your blog and found it! Perfect for what I need. It was September 11, 2011, I think. However, I couldn't seem to get it. Is it possible for you to send it to me. If not, I understand wholeheartedly, no problem. Thank you.


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