Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Blockheads 2 - Week 39

We are at week 39 - and this big girl block is brought to you by Corey Yoder. You can find the directions HERE.  At 24" square she takes up some acreage. It was a delight to make and I'm starting to get antsy, wanting to sew all my blocks together.  None of that yet, as we still have a few more weeks to show individual blocks.

What else is going on around here? I have no pictures to show you from the past week. Ironically, it's not because my iPhone isn't working.  Everything else has gone t*** up though. (that bawdy slang is courtesy of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - our holiday binge watch. It's grand!)

I believe there may be some disturbance in the Force.  My "to-do" list is mostly caught up. I have done my tax paperwork and inventory.  I decided to try some new recipes this week. 3 to be exact. All major fails.  Major. I won't even go into it, except to say, Bill has been looking at me side-eye thinking I have lost my culinary mo-jo.

That is not all. Some disheartening mechanical failures have happened too. 3 phone charger cords have broken. I even bought a wireless charger and it only works sporadically.  My new and expensive iron/steam station died. The only good thing I can say about that is I am experiencing above and beyond customer service. I will report on the finished repairs when they happen. Oh, and a 2 month old (and expensive) lamp died yesterday. Mysterious and unsettling. Do I need to make some sort of sacrifice to a mechanical spirit?  Burn something in effigy? Do I need to apologize to some tech genie?

Hope you all are experiencing a no-fail January.




Jo said...

Wonder if there have been power disruptions or surges - since the issues seem to be mostly electric related?

Robin said...

My only superstition is that "bad things come in threes". 3 electrical fails and 3 cooking fails. . . You're safe now - ha!

الرحمه للتنظيف said...
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Unknown said...

I have blaming everything on our lack of or actually no snow ! That is my story and I am sticking to it ! I wish you better days. Like Jo said " bad things come in threes". You have had your share. Piece out. Pam

Debbie I said...

I have not even made a dent in my Minick & Simpson collection! I hope for many more huge blocks. LOL

purlgirl said...

I’m a “Vera” fan also. Yay! Britbox and Acorn TV!

Alycia said...

I love that unexpected pop of blue in the center of your block! Love your blog posts.

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